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How to earn miles with a Nubank credit card?

Many people still do not know that it is possible to earn miles with a Nubank credit card, thinking that this option is only available for cards from traditional institutions made for this purpose.

This is a common mistake, but if you like to travel and use a digital bank card, know that you can also earn miles with a Nubank credit card. Let’s learn how!

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Which Nubank credit card earns the most miles?

Nubank is one of the most recognized digital banks in Brazil. It even became the main bank for many people and became a fever since it was launched. So it’s normal to find people with a Nubank card and using digital bank services.

Nubank credit card. Source/Playback: original

What unfortunately is not common is for people to know that it is possible to accumulate miles with a Nubank credit card. This process of accumulating miles ended up being well known, and nowadays it is a common way of building customer loyalty and rewarding them for using the cards of a certain financial institution or shopping at certain stores.

So, thinking of a very interesting union of advantages, Smiles created a partnership with Nubank. For those who are not yet familiar with Smiles, it is a successful loyalty program, one of the largest in the country, which is now offering miles as a reward to Nubank customers who use the cards in their daily purchases.

The miles program gives the user a discount on airline tickets or even offers free airline tickets. Ideal for those who love or need to travel.

And as we said, the Smiles program created a special partnership with Nubank that gives bank customers the benefit of earning miles with a Nubank credit card. For every R$1.00 spent, Nubank customers earn one point in the Nubank rewards program, which can be transferred to Smiles.

But for those who want to earn more miles, there are two excellent options: buying airline tickets that generate extra miles in the Smiles program or buying with the Nubank Ultravioleta card, which in addition to generating miles also offers cashback. That is, double discount!

What is the best way to use the Nubank credit card to earn miles?

If you always want to make the most of earning miles with a Nubank credit card, then it’s always a good idea to choose to pay for your airline tickets with your card. Some Smiles partner airlines offer higher earning options for miles points on their tickets.

To find out which ticket allows this benefit, just ask when purchasing the ticket.

The points accumulated by Nubank can be transferred to Smile at any time and the points accumulated in purchases are also available a few seconds after the purchase.

There are a few restrictions on how to earn miles with a Nubank credit card. Among them are: the minimum number of points to be transferred must be equivalent to at least one mile, the holder of the Nubank card can only transfer points to his own account and transfers cannot be undone.

What are the restrictions for accumulating miles with the Nubank credit card

Nubank credit card. Source/Playback: original

Now that you know that you can earn miles with a Nubank credit card, be sure to participate in this promotion and also start accumulating miles and getting discounts on trips and airline tickets!

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