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How to Drink Flaxseed Water to Lose Weight: Get a Flat Belly

You certainly have heard of of linseed . That seed brown is full of nutrients that, in addition to helping us to lose weight brings benefits to our health such as reducing high blood pressure, improving mood, helping us sleep better, among others.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to take advantage of its properties is to take it with Water . There are different ways to prepare it, but the most effective is the following.

Mix four tablespoons of linseed in a liter of Water , let it rest overnight. The next day, drink during the day as you would drink your Water normal. I recommend not straining, as the most important nutrients are in the seed .

drink this Water daily during the day or have a glass before each snack. This water has no taste or smell, so you will have no problem drinking it.

I also share with you the effects your body will have if you consume this linseed water regularly to lose weight and feel better.

Lemon and flaxseed water is a refreshing drink that has become famous as a healthy weight loss supplement. although not be an overnight fat burning formula it is said that taking it as part of a healthy lifestyle can provide some benefits.

Next, we will tell you more about its ingredients and, in addition, how it is prepared to support the loss of those extra pounds.

Why is lemon and flaxseed water recommended for weight loss?

Weight loss is a complex process which can vary from person to person, as each organism is different. However, in general, people who want to lose weight are recommended to maintain a balanced diet – according to their needs and goals – and, in turn, to exercise daily.

However, those who want to see results sooner are looking for simple ways to support these lifestyle habits. One of these ways is to consume drinks such as water with lemon and flaxseed, which, although not miraculous, is a much better option than any industrial drink.

lemon benefits for weight loss

Lemon juice is one of the natural ingredients that has played a leading role in weight loss diets. This is largely because in the popular sphere it has been stated on several occasions that its acidity would help to “burn” the fat.

However, this is not exactly the case. When consuming lemon juice, it does not “travel” to the parts of the body where there is excess fat and “burns” them. It goes to the stomach and is broken down there, just like other drinks and food.

Consumption of lemon juice can be beneficial to promote weight loss by replacing commercial beverages (soft drinks, teas, flavored waters, etc.) and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Also, if it is consumed without sugar or any other added sweetener, all the better.

The antioxidants and vitamin C in this citrus fruit can provide a number of health benefits. For example, they both help to reduce oxidative stress and improve the health of every organ and system in the body.


It is an excellent source of Dietary fiber which is a type of carbohydrate that we cannot digest. This consists of two types of fibers soluble and insoluble.

O soluble forms a viscous layer called mucilage ; lines the stomach, delaying the absorption of foods in the colon. Which helps you feel fuller for longer.

the insoluble fiber promotes the productivity of good bacteria in the gut that aid digestion. These bacteria digest soluble fiber to produce short-chain fatty acids that improve metabolism.

In addition, it will help to cleanse the intestines as it adds volume to waste, which prevents constipation .

Fat acids

the flax seeds contain two types of fatty acids , Omega 3 and omega-6 . These are essential as the body does not produce them, so we must get them from the food we eat.

These help balance metabolism and help reduce inflammation. These fatty acids are also responsible for reducing the levels of cholesterol “bad” LDL and increase the cholesterol “good” HDL.


Protein is the most important macronutrient for lost of Weight . This is due to the fact that the body not digesting protein easily, therefore, gives you the feeling of being fuller for longer; suppress carbohydrate cravings.

the linseed contains 18 grams of protein in 100 grams. This combined with the Dietary fiber will help you eat smaller portions and avoid snacking.

For these reasons, the linseed is your best friend when it comes to losing those extra pounds. Remember you must have a Balanced diet and a regular routine Exercises for lose weight ; the linseed water it’s just an addition to this healthy lifestyle.

Consult your nutritionist for a personalized diet according to your needs.

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