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How to domicile services with a bank?

Did you just move into a new home? Remember that paying services such as electricity, water and telephony on time is very important to reduce expenses. Here we tell you how to domicile services with the bank and forget about paying the bills yourself.

If you are one of those people who occasionally forgets to pay the monthly installments of your credit card and the basic services of the home or if you have just buy a house and you don’t have time to make payments in person. Then your best option is to domicile services with a bank.

Direct debit is an operation where the bank is authorized to take money from an account and make payments periodically. The most common services that you can domicile are telephony, cable services, internet, water, electricity, property taxes and departmental or credit cards. However, when apply for a mortgage loan You can also domicile the payment.

Domicile services is your best option since you will pay for services on time, you can cancel when you want, most banks do not charge commissions for the service and some companies offer discounts if payments are made with a bank.

Find out about how to domicile services and start paying on time.

What is the process to domicile services with my bank?

  • Discharge the service
  • Have the data of the services to pay
  • Ask service companies about direct debit
  • Contract directly with the banking institution
  • Sign the authorization contract

Discharge the service

To domicile services you must go to the nearest branch of your bank or request the service through online banking.

When you make the request, you will be asked to fill out a form in which you request the bank to make monthly charges to the account or credit card to make the payments for the requested services.

Have the data of the services to pay

It is important to have the latest receipts or invoices for the services to be paid at the time of going to the banking institution or doing the process online.

You will be asked for the following data:

  • Name of the supplier of the good, service or credit to be paid.
  • Contract number of the good, service or credit.
  • Periodicity of the payment (monthly, weekly, fortnightly, etc.) and specific day that the payment will be made.
  • Name of the banking institution of the account or card where the payment will be made.
  • Account number, CLABE or card number where the charges will be generated.
  • Maximum fixed amount of the authorized charge per period.
  • Direct debit expiration date.

Ask service companies about direct debit

When contracting, some service companies ask you for details of a bank account to carry out the direct debit automatically without the need to go to the bank and it is formalized with the signing of the contract.

We recommend asking if they have this service available or if it is done directly with the banking institution.

Contract directly with the banking institution

In order not to suffer from bank fraud, it is essential that the service be contracted directly with the bank and not with people who come to shopping centers or convenience stores, since certain service providers request a photocopy of the credit card to carry out the charge.

When making the contract with the bank or the company providing the service, you will have the guarantee that your personal and financial data will be used only to domicile services.

Sign the authorization contract

The contract will be formalized with the authorization signature so that the provider generates the service charges periodically and the contracted service is paid on the established date.

Cancel the direct debit service

The cancellation to domicile services can be made at any time and has no cost. The deadline is three business days from the date the bank receives the cancellation request.

On the other hand, if you acknowledge a charge that you did not authorize, you have 90 days from the date it was made to request a refund.

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) establishes that before the 60th day, the amount will be credited to the account 24 hours after the claim.

If requested after day 61, the bank will have 20 days to resolve it. After 90 days, the financial institution will not be able to resolve the claim.

For direct services to work better, it is convenient that you establish in your budget the monthly expenses and always have enough money to cover the amounts periodically.

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