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How to do the ritual with egg against the evil eye

The egg ritual is one of the most popular remedies against the evil eye, but do you know how to make this recipe? It is said that this food product is very powerful to counteract the effects of this curse, but it needs to be combined with other elements if you want its results to be more effective.

The evil eye is one of the oldest spiritual ailments of humanity. It is caused by the negative energy of a person and is transmitted through the gaze. Envy and jealousy are the main triggers of this curse.

To carry out the ritual with an egg for the evil eye you will need:

– A glass or transparent glass
– Water
– An egg (the freshest you can get)
– Coarse salt
– A white candle

How to do the ritual against the evil eye?

According to WeMystic, the ritual must be performed on Tuesday or Fridaygoverned by Mars and Venus respectively, and if you do it in the waning Moon it will have better results.

Fill the glass or cup halfway with water. Take all the materials to a private room where no one can interrupt you.

Light the white candle and start by taking off all your clothes, like bracelets, earrings, jewelry and watches. Pass the egg all over your body from head to toe, as if it were bath soap. This procedure serves so that the tilefish absorbs all the bad energy that you have impregnated in your body.

When you finish break the egg and place it in the cup or glass with water; let it sit for 10 minutes while you get dressed again.

If the yolk remains at the bottom and the white is clean, it means that you do not have the evil eye, but if you see bubbles or a strange color it means that you do have it and the egg has cleaned it.

To finish, throw a handful of coarse salt into the glass to neutralize the negativity and dispose of it in the toilet. Let the candle burn down completely to finish the purification.

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