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How to do the magnet ritual to attract money

The magnet is a tool that uses magnetism to attract iron, metal or some other body, and precisely this property is what can help us get what we want spiritually.

The magnet ritual is one of the most powerful spells for money and prosperity. It can be done if you want your business or company to have better results, you want more customers or you need to improve your income.

The only thing you need to perform this spell is a magnet and a ticket of any denomination, but that is in circulation. According to The Spirit of the Enchanted Forest, a site that compiles rituals and explains how to do them, it should be done as follows:

Step 1: you must first cleanse the magnet of any negative energy. Run it under running water from the sink or submerge it in a spring. Then you leave it a whole night in the moonlight. The next morning, take it in your hands and program it for the ritual by setting your intention. It is important that, from now on, you are the only one who comes into contact with the object.

Step 2: place the ticket on the ground and put the magnet on top. Place your right hand about 19 inches or waist-high and close your eyes.

Step 3: Imagine that a yellow light comes out of your heart, passes through your arm, your hand and reaches the ticket with the magnet.

Step 4: Pray the following prayer: “Jupiter, god of heaven, hear my desperate prayer. I ask you to attract money to my hands. I appreciate your attention and the energy you have given me.”

Step #5: Wrap the bill in the magnet and store it in a drawer.

Step #7: You must do the ritual for 7 Thursdays in a row, a day that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune.

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