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How to do the Egg Diet

The egg diet is a high protein diet and very popular to help with weight loss, lean mass increase, fat loss and has numerous benefits.

Do you want to understand details about this fit diet, great for helping you lose weight and still adhere to low carb diets? (low carb). Then read on!

Find out how the egg diet works

The egg diet is an ideal low carbohydrate diet for those looking for an effective and easy weight loss diet, it should be done in 2 weeks only.

For more details on the diet, benefits and much more check below.

Why do the egg diet and what benefits?

The egg diet is indicated by nutritionists when the search is for a type of low carb dietwith low calories that aims to improve cholesterol rates, weight loss and balance of good nutrition?? increase in lean massas it is accompanied by other food sources that make a potent combination with the egg.

It is not just a diet for aesthetic purposes for weight loss, it is of great nutritional benefits and for improving the immune system as wellin addition to replenishing important vitamins, nutrients and minerals for the body.

Are eggs good for health?

There have been countless discussions for a long time about whether the egg was good or bad for health, and the answer is yes, the egg is very good for health, in addition to being rich in protein, it is also a good source of good fats and vitamins. important for maintaining general health.

It improves the immune system, assists in weight loss, maintains healthy bones, hair and teeth, fights anemia and helps in the production of good cholesterol (HDL).

How to do the egg diet?

The egg diet should be followed for 2 weeks, in which the intake of 2 eggs at breakfast time (first meal) is indicated, combined with portions of low-carbohydrate vegetables such as broccoli and asparagusand ending with a small portion of low carb fruit, like blackberries and raspberries, for example.

Consuming 1 boiled egg before lunch time and another one at dinner time are also part of the egg diet schedule. The reason for eating this egg before meals is due to the fact that it is a food that causes satiety, and can reduce hunger, and also the volume of main meals.

Remembering that most eggs in the egg diet must be prepared in water, boiled, scrambled, but never fried (as they gain a lot of calories) side dishes can use good fats in small amounts, such as a dash of olive oil, coconut oil or ghee butter preferably, to add flavor.

List of foods allowed on the egg diet

Low carbohydrate fruits, proteins and low carb fruits are completely allied to the diet food plan.

  • Lean meats
  • Eggs
  • low carb fruits
  • good fats
  • Herbs
  • seasonings and spices
  • low carb vegetables
  • low fat dairy
  • Coconut water, teas, unsweetened coffee;

Forbidden foods on the egg diet

All processed foods,(fried eggs in soy oil)canned, processed or rich in sources of sugar and preservatives should be avoided during the 2-week period of the diet, opting only for balanced menu of the egg diet, listed above.

Final and important considerations:

It is of great value to remember that the content made available here is informative, therefore it does not dispense with medical evaluation, which is why we indicate that all diets must be conducted with supervision and prescription of nutritioniststo preserve the nutritional health of each individual patient.

Therefore, whenever you want to start a new slimming diet, consult specialized help.

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