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how to do it and what to buy up to 10€

Want to make this year’s gift exchange more exciting? See how to organize your secret friend at Christmas and what to give.

O secret friend at christmas it’s a way to create a lively and fun dynamic around a large group and, of course, to save money. It is not always possible to buy gifts for everyone.

So, instead of buying just the so-called “souvenir” that may not even match the taste of the person we are going to offer it to, organizing the secret friend brings many benefits.

This group dynamic has become so popular that it is often adopted in larger families.

Secret friend at Christmas: how to do it?

It’s a simple task that will guarantee hours of fun. See how you can organize this group dynamic.

Whether it’s between friends, family or co-workers, it is important to define, from the outset, who is interested in participating. Gather the names and email addresses of all the enthusiasts and set a date for the gift exchange.


Set a maximum value

So that there are no big discrepancies between the type of gifts, A maximum amount of what each person can spend should be established. Therefore, query the group and set this value. The idea is that it is a nice value, but also allows you to save.

These days, there is no shortage of online platforms to help you distribute participant names, so it is not even necessary for everyone to be present for this moment. And we are well aware that with everyone’s busy lives, it can be difficult to come up with a date for socializing, let alone having another date for everyone to draw a name from a bag, as was the case a few years ago.

O Secret Santa Generator is a good example: just enter the names and email addresses and a message will be sent to each one revealing the identity of the person to whom he has to give a gift.

The fun part is not just looking for the ideal gift for the lucky person, but also the conviviality that the exchange itself generates. Whether in a restaurant, at home or in the office, opening presents and trying to discover the secret friend’s identity will certainly warm up your Christmas.

6 gift ideas for the secret friend at Christmas up to €10

Get inspired by this list, whose products are for both women and men; are quite useful and won’t break your budget.

O Boticário hand cream

This plum-scented hand cream from Boticário is the perfect example of a product you can bet on for your secret friend gift – it’s impossible not to love the smell and the effect of extremely hydrated skin.


an experience

We suggest you visit the Odysseys page and choose a gift for your secret friend. The variety of experiences is huge and you can choose between therapies and massages, wine tasting, tapas with sangria for two, boat trips, surf lessons and, who knows, 2 hours of jumping in a park made up of trampolines.

Price:from €5

personalized christmas balls

personalized christmas balls

A handmade and personalized gift turns out to have another symbolism. In that sense, we propose this Christmas ball made of wood and whose name and design is up to you, taking into account the person to whom you are going to offer it.


selection of teas

selection of teas

If your secret friend is a fan of teas and infusions, offer him a special kit. A set of 100% organic and sustainable drinks to enjoy a unique moment of pleasure. In total, there are 9 Organic Collection varieties in a single and exclusive presentation that immediately makes you want to try it.


gin set

gin drinking kit

We also have accessible suggestions for those who prefer a different type of drink, namely this 5-piece gin kit, ideal for presenting your secret friend. Includes 2 balloon cups, a measuring cup and two straws, for drinks that are always full of flavor.


bath set

We start with bath products and end the same way, because, after all, it turns out to be a consensual and useful gift. This offer includes bath salts, body cream and a face towel. All this in a bag to use on those days when you need to stop the clock and do a “me time” session.


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