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How to do a personal cleanse in minutes: 3 simple rituals that you will love

If you think it is necessary to make a clean personal, but you want it to be quick and effectivethere are some very simple rituals that can be of great help.

People have 3 main bodies: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. To recharge the first two, it is common to do relaxing activities and prioritize rest. For example, having a hobby, watching TV, reading, sleeping, going on vacation, going out to socialize, chatting with your partner, etc., but the third works very differently.

The spiritual body is the one that contains the aura (or soul) and it is affected by our own and other people’s emotions. When it is loaded with negativity, we feel heaviness, tension, stress and we are in a bad mood, as if something invisible is preventing us from being optimistic and moving on with our lives.

In these cases the rituals become something valuable. These spiritual procedures use tools loaded with energetic benefits that could balance our vibrations, release negativity and become more positive.

Quick personal cleansing rituals

Clean with rue

Rue is widely used in black and white magic. Photo: Pixabay

Rue is a plant rich in energetic qualities. Among its benefits is to cut with the negative energy that we have rooted in our spiritual body. According to WeMystic.com, the cleanse consists of cutting 3 branches of a rue plant and passing the cluster through our entire body 3 times and from head to toe. After the ritual, you must throw the branches in the trash wrapped in newspaper or paper.

Clean with coarse salt

Salt energetic properties.
Salt has, among other spiritual benefits, the ability to absorb bad energies. Photo: Shutterstock

One of the most common ingredients in the kitchen is salt. It is recommended to have coarse salt, but if you lack it, the one found in the salt shaker is enough. Dissolve 3 tablespoons in a large container of water, preferably purified or holy. Dip your feet and do a little meditation; Try to think of positive things.

Clean with incense

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Incenses can purify environments of negative energies. Photo: Shutterstock

Incenses are not only flavoring, they also have a symbolism. Its properties serve to connect us with the mystical, magical and the spiritual world. All you have to do is light a wand, preferably made of sage, copal, palo santo or myrrh, and ask your angels or spiritual guides to remove all the negative from within you and purify the environment. Then pass the incense all over your body, being careful not to burn yourself, and say a prayer.

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