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How to discover the meaning of the direction of where you live according to numerology

Although very few people know it, the address of a house, but above all the number assigned to it, is the key to the experiences that await its inhabitants.

Around the digit of a home revolve success, joy and stability, but also loneliness, stagnation and even failure. So Before moving into a home, perhaps the number someone assigned you should be taken very seriously, since your story will depend on it.

Numerology maintains that each house keeps certain lessons, themes or secrets of life.

The real house number

To calculate the true number of a property, you must add all its digits until you get only one.

Let’s say that if someone lives at 219 Terranova Street, then that number must be divided and added one by one: 2+1+9 = 12 and then 1+2 = 3. The goal is to come up with a single digit number.

In this way, the numerology of the calculated direction is: number 3.

However, things tend to get complicated for those who live at addresses where there is usually another digit included such as 925 7th Avenue. In cases like this, the “7” in the address should be ignored, since only 925 and the final number that it produces at the end of adding it separately matters.

In relation to the departments, where there are usually even sections or sections, numerology indicates that in cases such as 925 dept. 3, all the digits must be added, that is, 9+2+5+3.

The important thing is to reach only one root number of the address, since from 1 to 9 there is an important variation of concepts that will match the person who will live there.

Experiences to experience according to the number:

Number 1: Innovation, Creativity, Independence
Number 2: Homey, Sentimental, Soft
Number 3: Parties, Friends, Romance
Number 4: Stability, Tranquility, Harmony
Number 5: Movement, Change, Socialization
Number 6: Prosperity, Warmth, Happiness
Number 7: Secluded, Mysterious, Peaceful
Number 8: Expansion, Abundance, Growth
Number 9: Sanctuary, Acceptance, Peace.

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