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How to deposit money in the PagBank account through the lottery?

It is common for questions to arise about how to deposit money into the PagBank account, mainly because it is digital and new to the market. PagBank is a digital account created by PagSeguro in 2019.

Therefore, this post will show you how you can deposit money into your PagBank account through the lottery, in addition to showing other methods for making the deposit and presenting some advantages.

What this article covers:

Can I deposit money into the PagBank account through the lottery?

Yes, it is possible for you to make the deposit for your PagBank account by lottery. To do this, you just need to generate a slip in the PagBank app and pay this slip at a lottery.

What are the ways to deposit money into the PagBank account?

PagBank offers three options for those who want to make a deposit in one of their accounts, which is excellent, as it allows the customer to choose the best method for the same, in addition to not limiting him to something.


This is one of the most advantageous methods for making a deposit into your PagBank account, as when using Pix, the amount arrives in your account in a few minutes, so you won’t have to wait long to use it.

How to use pix. Source/Reproduction: Central Bank.

For this option, you will need to create a Pix key, which can be your CPF, email, phone or a random key. This way you can start receiving and making payments through Pix.

Bank transfer

It is also possible to make a bank transfer to deposit money in PagBank, for that, just inform your account details.

TED can be done from any other bank, but you must be aware of the fees charged for this. However, such fee is paid by the person making the transfer.

Bank slip

One of the most common methods in the country, with bank slip it is possible to make the deposit with bills, which differentiates it from the other ways presented.

Bank slip

How to use bank slip. Source/Reproduction: PagSeguro.

To make the deposit, you need to enter the PagBank application, go to the bank slip option, enter the amount you want to deposit and generate it afterwards. The deadline for the money to fall into your account is 3 business days.

The bank slip can still be paid in lottery shops, banks or even by apps from other banks.

Advantages of the PagBank account

The PagBank digital account has a series of advantages, but we have separated the best ones for you to check out:

  • There is no maintenance fee for your digital account;
  • It is possible to make investments;
  • Pix and unlimited downloads;
  • Deposits to your account are free;
  • Your money can be withdrawn from ATMs 24 hours a day;
  • If you have a pre-approved credit card, you will not need to pay an annual fee for this card;
  • You can take out loans;
  • You have access to a prepaid international credit card;
  • You recharge your cell phone and services like Google Play, Spotify and Uber;
  • Payment can be made by approximation.

This way it’s easy to have your PagBank digital account, right? There are several benefits that can make a difference in your everyday life.

PagBank offers several ways to deposit money into the account, so you just have to choose the one that suits you best and that will make your life easier. In addition, with the PagBank digital account you have access to incredible advantages. It is worth analyzing everything offered by the account and creating your own.

If you want to open your PagBank digital account, just download the application and follow the proposed steps. For this you will only need your phone, your email, your CPF, your zip code and your complete personal data, such as name, date of birth and mother’s name. After filling in everything, your PagBank digital account will have been created!

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