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How to delete Nubank account?

When thinking about deleting the Nubank account, those long processes for delivering cards, documents and a lot of bureaucracy soon come to mind. However, the digital bank offers an extremely simple and practical way for those who want to deactivate their account.

While we commonly see some financial institutions with an extreme work even to send the closing term that contains the account data and all those. Let’s see how to delete Nubank account, which can take less than a minute if things go according to plan.

What this article covers:

How do I delete my nubank account?

Initially, we will comment on the first steps to delete the Nubank account.

How do I delete my nubank account

To do this, just have the roxinho app installed on your iOS or Android and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the user profile icon.
  2. After that, click set up account and tap cancel account.

It is necessary to take precautions and reset all outstanding issues, as it is impossible for the cancellation to be successful if there are things like bills to pay, invoices, etc., as we will see later.

How do I know if it was successfully deleted?

When the aforementioned steps are completed, Nubank itself sends a confirmation email to ensure that the cancellation was intentional. The user will not be able to perform the common actions like payments and etc.

However, it is worth highlighting a point that is often confused by customers: the credit card. It turns out that the account and the card are separate services, so canceling one does not interfere with the other. However, if you have a virtual card, it is not possible to use cash payment as before.

As we said before, one of the prerequisites for deleting a Nubank account is to withdraw all debits made to the account. That is, if she has loans, installments or debts, it is not possible to cancel.

What about pending transactions?

Same point as before. Nubank does not allow the cancellation of pending accounts in order to protect both the company and the customer from having future problems with an account that is no longer in use.

If the user manages to successfully delete the Nubank account and receives the email, it is automatically canceled and it is impossible to perform the old actions.

What happens to the Nubank account that is deleted

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It is worth remembering that Nubank does not establish a minimum time of use to be able to request the cancellation of the account, which is a very strong point for people who constantly change with financial institutions.

If the desire is to cancel the credit card, it is necessary to carry out another type of process. Another point is that Nubank will also send the closure term containing important account data to the person, a fact that proves the company’s security in its methods.

Is it possible to recover my data after deleting the Nubank account?

Yup. In case you want to recover your data or even go back to being Nubank customer, they offer this support through the service channels created for these purposes. Check out the main ones used by customers here:

Phone: 0800 608 6236

Email: [email protected]

It is expected that you now know how to delete your Nubank account and how it affects or not your services with the company. To help the text have a good dissemination, share it in your media and whenever you need good information, always return to this site.

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