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How-to, decorating tips

Who doesn’t like a party? The parties are always very good, imagine a themed party, then. The success of theme parties attracts the attention of those who want to throw a party, there are so many themes that it is difficult to choose the best one. Today the theme of the party will be Hawaiian, see some tips and ideas we have selected for you.

In the decoration of a Hawaiian party, fruits cannot be missing (Photo: Disclosure)

How to make a Hawaiian party decoration

There are some items that are the strong point of the Hawaiian party and that cannot be missing from the decor. One of the items is the fruit table, for the Hawaiian party fruits are essential. For decoration you can use pictures with fruits and fruits made in biscuit, in EVA that can be used to decorate the tables and walls. It is important to use imagination and creativity to make the themed party even more beautiful and with your face.

Hawaiian Party Decoration
The more colors, the prettier and more themed the party is.

Hawaiian party colors

The Hawaiian party must have many colors so that the atmosphere is pleasant and very relaxed so that your guests enjoy the atmosphere of the party and everything that is happening. Dark colors cannot be present at the party, as it suggests joy and fun.

Hawaiian Party Decoration
You can have your party outdoors.

Outdoor space is an important tip

The Hawaiian party has much more potential if it is done outdoors, providing a relaxed and very happy atmosphere. The environment next to nature brings a more favorable climate and even favors the decoration, such as the beach, where a wonderful luau can be made. If it is not possible to have the party on a beach, you can do it in the countryside, on a farm or even in the garden of the house. In last cases, you can have the party in a hall, adapting plants and lots of lights to create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.

Hawaiian Party Decoration
The richer in details the decoration, the better.

Hawaiian party decor

The decoration of the Hawaiian party must pay attention to all the details, so it is essential that it has paper lanterns, arrangements of natural flowers, such as coconut leaves, surfboards and even flower necklaces, as well as the Hawaiians use in their luaus. You can also put colorful poufs to make the environment even more cozy and floral fabrics to make the environment even more engaging. Jute can also be used in decoration, in addition to having a more rustic feel, it also gives a more beachy feel, contributing to the thematic decoration.

Lighting should be done with torches, even more so if the party is held at night, as lighting is essential. For the tables, candles and decor reminiscent of Hawaii can be used. With so many tips like this, you can now have your Hawaiian party in style and receive many compliments from your guests. Don’t forget to place a central table full of tropical fruits so that guests can help themselves. Get into the mood of Hawaii and let your guests indulge in the mood too.

See below a video by blogger Malu Archela where she shows how she decorated the Havaiana 18th birthday party with decorating tips and much more:

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