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How to decorate your home with pictures and pictures

Almost always present in any home, paintings and photos can give an extra charm to the decoration of the environment. But how to use these two items to renew the look of any space? That’s what you’ll learn in this article, which brings tips on how to decorate your house with pictures and photos🇧🇷

Photos and paintings can give an extra charm to your home decor (Photo: Disclosure)

Plain walls without any kind of decoration can make the environment dull and not attract attention. To change this situation, a very simple and economical solution is to use frames and pictures to decorate🇧🇷

The look of your home will be much more modern and personalized if you use beautiful frameswith different frames, and several photographs, items that also work to disguise any imperfection that may have appeared in the environment.

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Learn how to use photos in your home decor

What this article covers:

They can turn a dull wall into something quite eye-catching.

For decorate the house using frames and photos, there are several possibilities, such as creating a composition with small paintings, in small-sized rooms; bet on a very large work, for the most spacious rooms; or turn the hall into a art Galleryamong other options.

Regardless of the chosen style, the basic tip for decoration with pictures and pictures is to place the items at eye level. Knowing this, you can, for example, use frames and frames of different formats in the room (living or dining), placing the larger items in the central part and the smaller ones around, in a circle shape.

This combination can include square picture frames, with family photos, rectangular frames and small circle-shaped frames, among other options, or bring just one larger work, depending on the size of the room. This last option is also valid for highlighting a work of greater artistic value, which should be isolated and well lit.

In the bedrooms, an alternative is to combine frames horizontally and vertically, forming a kind of shelf, mixing photos of the person using that room with paintings that match their style.

other tips

In the case of a large work of greater artistic value, it can stand alone and stand out on the wall. The same goes for a photo (Photo: Disclosure)

Another tip for home decor with pictures and pictures is to create a Photo wall🇧🇷 In this case, depending on the type of images, it is better to use a more intimate area (walls in bedrooms or offices, for example).

As for the social areas of the house, you can use photos in chronological order, if you want to tell the family story, or use images that bring all (or almost all) members of the family. In these environments, it is also possible to use photos of special dates and events (Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, etc).

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