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How to decorate the living room shelf

The bookcase is a very important piece of furniture for decorating the living room, especially for those who like to display family photos, artistic pieces and books. In addition to being a space to store objects, the piece of furniture also demonstrates the style of the owner of the house. to do the living room shelf decor, some simple tips can help. Check out.

Elements of the shelf must be combined (Photo: publicity)

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How to decorate the living room shelf

O step by step to decorate the living room shelf starts with cleaning. Remove everything from the furniture, clean it well, repair books that are damaged and separate them as you like. If you’re out of ideas, organize them by themes and then in alphabetical order. Separate a corner to place them, in a way that is easier to see them. If you want to do something different, place one part of the books vertically and the other horizontally.

Utility pieces such as bowls can be placed in corners with glass (Photo: publicity)

Tips for decorating the living room shelf

For decorate the living room shelf, place in the remaining spaces objects such as picture frames, toys, small sculptures, ceramic pieces, comics, vases with flowers. More functional pieces can also be placed on the shelf, such as glasses, for example. Arrange them on trays and, preferably, in spaces that are closed by glass doors. If there are small things to be kept away from dust, you can still put them in decorated wooden or paper boxes and then put them on the shelf.

Books can be separated by theme and placed horizontally or vertically (Photo: disclosure)

Others living room decorating tips refer to issues of favorite magazines and travel souvenirs. The specimens chosen to be stored can be placed vertically or horizontally on the shelf and mixed with decorative objects, and if you want to make them better organized, opt for wooden niches. Souvenirs in turn are other items that serve to decorate the furniture and can be separated by color, origin or type and if there are not many, you can put them next to the books.

The same piece of furniture fits vases with flowers, souvenirs, books and ceramics (Photo: publicity)

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