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How to Decorate Tables for Parties, Tips

know how to decorate tables for parties, tips to make them beautiful and inviting in different types of events. In any kind of get-together, be it a wedding, a graduation or a birthday, the tables play a fundamental role. They must be arranged in the festive space in a harmonious way and also deserve a special decoration.

How to Decorate Tables for Parties, Tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are basically two types of tables: the main table and the guest table. To get the decoration right, you need to know the proposal of the party, the preferences of the hosts and the profile of the guests. All care is needed to make the event special and pleasant.

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How to decorate tables for parties, tips

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guest table

There are many ornaments that can be used to decorate. (Photo: Disclosure)

The guest table is nothing more than an accommodation for the people who are present at the party. It is the ideal place to taste the delicacies of the event, wait for the attractions and rest. In general, we recommend that the chairs be comfortable and that the decor harmonize with the other elements of the party, especially with regard to colors and styles.

Children’s party

Guest tables decorated with balloons. (Photo: Disclosure)

At a children’s party, be it a birthday party or the end of the semester, it is very important that the decoration of the guests’ table reproduces the playfulness of the event. Aesthetics should explore the party’s palette and include some element that recalls a child’s joy. The centerpiece, for example, can be an ornament made with EVA or helium gas balloons. Colorful and themed delicacies can also be used to decorate the table.

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Wedding party

Table for wedding guests. (Photo: Disclosure)

The guest table for a wedding party should have a more sophisticated and romantic decoration. Usually the tablecloth has a sober aesthetic, while the centerpiece values ​​elements such as flowers, candles and transparent containers. In the composition, harmony is always sought with the color palette of the event.

head table

The main table is the focal point of the party. (Photo: Disclosure)

The head table is the focal point of any party. It is the place where all guests gather to celebrate and take pictures. The decoration, in turn, depends a lot on the concept of the event.

Children’s party

Children’s party main table. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main table at a children’s party is usually decorated with lots of colorful sweets and themed ornaments. In the case of a themed birthday, for example, the decoration is made with characters from the theme, made with styrofoam, MDF, plush or other material. Cupcakes and macarons make the aesthetic more cheerful and colorful, as well as traditional sweet packaging, such as brigadeiros and beijinhos. In the center of the table, the protagonist is the cake, which must be decorated according to the theme. The background can be decorated with a large panel of balloons.

Wedding party

Main wedding table. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main table of the wedding party has the three-tiered cake as its main element. Around it, it is possible to work with flower arrangements and edible ornaments, all in a romantic way and enhancing the colors of the event. The three-tiered trays are also widely used to display sweets and take advantage of the space.

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Now you already know how to decorate tables for parties, tips🇧🇷 Follow our suggestions and surely the guests will be amazed by the decoration of the event.

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