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How to decorate rock gardens

Having a beautifully decorated garden at home is a dream for many people. For this, it is not necessary to have a huge space, like those that appear in soap operas, with impeccable landscaping. Any corner of the house, whether in the external or internal area (the so-called winter gardens), can be completely modified, with plants and other gardening elements. In general, people like to use grasses in the garden. However, the stones also yield great landscaping and can replace the lawn or be interspersed with it. Also, stones require less maintenance – which is a great way out for those who are short on time. Look how to decorate rock gardens🇧🇷

External area with expanded clay (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

What stones should I use to decorate the garden?

The choice of stones depends on personal taste, the desired visual impact and, of course, economic possibilities. Depending on the area to be decorated, the work can be very expensive. Decorating gardens with white stonesfor example, is not very cheap, except when the area is very small.

White stones exist in various sizes. The bigger they are, the more expensive they are. already the dark stones for gardens, in general, cost less, but are alternatives for those who do not want to spend too much. An example is the so-called Pedra de Rio, which has an affordable price.

Large stones on the lawn (Photo: Disclosure)

You types of garden stones The most common are gravel (white, gold), Catarina pebble (large, dark stone), marble, yellow clay, fine sandstone, white dolomite and expanded clay.

Expanded clay is not, properly speaking, a type of stone, but is widely used as such, in garden decoration🇧🇷 In the first image, you can see an external garden, with the ground entirely covered by expanded clay.

How to use stones to decorate gardens

The larger the size of the stone, the easier it will be to use it in decoration. This is because the small ones, especially the white ones, end up coming into contact with the earth, after many rains, getting very dirty or simply mixing with the earth. Large ones, however, can be used without this problem, and can even be placed on the ground or lawn (image 2).

It is worth interspersing many different types of stone in the garden, including the lawn. It is necessary, however, to use garden spacers, so that the grass does not mix with the stones, as it grows.

Grass separated from the stones, with garden separators (Photo: Disclosure)

A tip to use small stones in the garden is to cover the ground with a layer of Bidim blanket. This product is similar to a thin fleece blanket and is durable for a long time. It prevents the stones from mixing with the soil. It is also widely used in vases, both to separate stones and to help filter irrigation water.

The ideal is to make a small garden project, creating forms of combination between the elements, including the use of different stones, in the same place. Below, see some tips for decorating rock gardens🇧🇷

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