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How to decorate long and narrow spaces

Know as decorate long and narrow spaces it is fundamental for those who live in apartments or houses that have rooms of this type, as this way you can avoid the place looking like a gallery.

Decorating long and narrow environments is not an easy task.

Making some changes to the decoration of these places, it is possible to make these spaces more comfortable, receptive and cozy, even making them appear to be wider than they actually are.

THE decoration of long and narrow environments can be started by placing the furniture centered on one side of the room in question, as this facilitates the movement of people, as one of the corners will be available for residents and visitors to move around without major difficulties.

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How to decorate long and narrow spaces

Arranging the furniture at a different angle helps to break the feeling of elongated space (Photo: Handout)

Other tip for decorating long and narrow environments is to use round coffee tables, which break the depth of these places, creating a feeling that that space is not as narrow as it seems.

Something that can also give that same feeling is to have one of the pieces of furniture (or even more), located in the long and narrow environmentsat a different angle, which does not follow the sense of the environment, as this makes the space seem less elongated than it really is.

A good alternative may still be the use of planned furniture for long and narrow environments, as they take up less space. In a room with these features, for example, you can bet on a design that brings together the bed, wardrobe and desk on one wall of the room, bringing more practicality and comfort.

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Placing the furniture in a longitudinal arrangement is another interesting option, to make the most of the space.

You combined furnitureas mentioned above, and multipurpose furniture are among the best options for change the look of long, narrow rooms🇧🇷 Other options in this sense are bunk beds, beds that can be “stored” when not in use, folding tables and sofa beds.

If you cannot count on furniture of this style, it is best to bet on the longitudinal arrangement of your furniture, placing them well against the walls, leaving a central space free for circulation.

You mirrors, depending on how they are positioned in the environment, they can also be good, as they give a feeling of greater depth and help to better illuminate the room. They can be placed on one of the long walls, for example, avoiding the center of them.

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