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How to decorate an entrance hall, 25 photos

Look how to decorate an entrance hall, 25 photos to have creative ideas for your hall. It is a space that does not need to be considered a room, but must also be thought of carefully and with special care when decorating. It is important that the environment stays with the style of the house and makes a special impact, as it is literally the gateway to the rest of the residence.

How to decorate an entrance hall, 25 photos (Illustrative Image)

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How to decorate an entrance hall, 25 photos

It is interesting that the entrance hall has the style of the rest of the house and makes a good impression. It can be small and simple, but it must have a special touch such as a painting, a mirror, a plant or a wall of a different color with a sophisticated wallpaper, for example. Small details make a big difference in decor. Also, there are those who prefer a spacious and grand entrance hall that can count on the use of armchairs, tables, vases, sideboard and other decorative objects.

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Different styles of entrance hall

The entrance hall deserves a special decoration (Illustrative Image)

It is important that the environment is cozy regardless of size. It doesn’t need to draw more attention and be bolder than the rest of the rooms, and yes, it should follow the concept of the house.

In the vast majority of houses and apartments, the entrance hall is small and it is very common to use mirrors to create a feeling of spaciousness.

House style and entrance hall

The entrance hall must match the style of your home (Illustrative Image)

People have different styles and tastes, for this reason we find several concepts in the decoration of houses and apartments. Among them we can highlight the trend of clean, modern, vintage, classic, rustic, minimalist, among others.

In addition to the decoration, it is important to think about the daily organization of the environment, for you and your visitors to feel in a pleasant and well-being environment.

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Tips for decorating entrance hall

The entrance hall must always be well organized (Illustrative Image)

1 – Because this environment is not a room where people stay, as it is just a passage, it can be more daring. It is interesting to use darker colors, different wallpapers or even textures.

2 – Mirrors are often a key accessory and a great option for small environments. In addition to being charming and elegant, they bring a feeling of larger dimensions. It can be used with picture frames and with a sideboard below to complete the decor.

3 – Artworks are also always a great option. A canvas or sculpture that has meaning and translates your personality and the concept of the house is interesting.

4 – Vases with flowers are great for decorating the entrance hall. It expresses attention and brings delicacy to the environment, as well as being a detail that means attention and charm.

5 – Vases with foliage bring joy and a pleasant energy to the environment, in addition to reinforcing the feeling of welcome.

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We have separated different styles for you to have an idea of ​​how to decorate an entrance hall and please everyone, with some tips and choosing the furniture well you will be satisfied with your choice.

Check out below how to decorate an entrance hall, 25 photos and have creative ideas to assemble one with your style.

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