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How to decipher the destiny written in the palms of your hands?

Interpreting the message written on the palms of the hand has nothing to do with spirits or magic, says Helene Saucedo, an expert in palmistry.

After many years of reading hundreds of messages even in her own hands, the Atlanta woman has come to the conclusion that, Just as we review all our pay stubs to rule out any damage to family finances, we should also take a dive to learn the language hidden in our palms.

In this regard, the woman maintains that it is not necessary to be an expert in palmistry to learn some of the basic concepts that accompany reading the palm of the hand.

The basic way to have a general diagnosis on any person is through the four main lines marked on each of their hands.which do not stop changing as time goes by.

Located at the top of the hand is the line of the heart and this indicates the emotional state of an individual.

Then, located below the heart line, in the center of the hand, is the line of the head, which reflects the mentality of the people.

With respect to the line of life, it is found below the heart line and encircles the thumb and indicates vitality.

In addition, the line of stability, often called the line of fate, is located in the center of the hand, but it starts at the bottom of the palm and runs to the middle finger. The role it plays is to indicate how an individual feels about the life he builds.

However, The general shape of a line, whether curved or straight, tells how flexible that part is for a person.

For example, a very curved heart line indicates that a person is usually very loving, open and emotional; in case the line is very straight it reflects caution or coldness to express emotions.

The length of the lines in the palm of the hand can reflect certain problems, such as the line of mentality, since being shorter than others in certain people, far from indicating a lack of intelligence, it indicates problems concentrating.

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