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How to deactivate Santander contactless payment

Santander’s approach payment is already a reality for all its customers. This function is carried out through NFC technology, which allows card payments to be made only by proximity.

Even with all the practicality that this method can provide, many users still have doubts and prefer payments in the traditional way. For these people, it is possible to disable Santander’s proximity payment. Check it out below.

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What is Santander contactless payment?

Santander approximation payment is a card payment procedure where the user does not need to place it in the machine and enter passwords, as is the case with the traditional method. This is possible due to NFC technology, the famous proximity communication.

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This method became even more popular during the pandemic, where it was important to avoid surfaces that were used a lot by people. In this way, the purchase is authorized only by bringing the card closer to the payment machine, without the customer touching it.

When paying for any purchase via NFC, the customer does not need to enter the card password or perform any manual confirmation. Everything is done automatically and in a few minutes. The resource is also available for payments without the card, that is, with the handling of devices such as cell phones, wristbands and smartwatch.

How to activate Santander contactless payment?

At Santander, proximity technology is available to its customers and users, especially the new cards issued every month. Only older cards are not enabled for this type of payment. What is possible to change with the request of a new issue to the bank.

For those who already have activated cards, the activation of payment by approximation is done automatically when the card is unlocked by its user. This new technology supports credit and debit payments.

Santander proximity payment types

To make the payment by approximation of Santander the card is not always necessary. Payment can be made with just the cell phone or technology device worn, watches and bracelets capable of processing payments. In this case, just approach the chosen device to the card machine, as with the card.

How to deactivate Santander contactless payment?

Despite its advantages, Santander’s approach payment is not preferred by all users. Many people still prefer to use the card in the traditional way. For these cases, it is possible to disable the technology of the card’s payment methods, just follow the procedure below:

  • Login to the Santander app;
  • Look for the ”My cards” tab;
  • Choose ”Manage Usage”;
  • Deactivate Santander’s proximity payment method.

Don’t worry because the method can be reversed, just follow the same steps and choose to activate the payment by contact. For those who prefer contact by phone, Santander also performs the procedure by number 4004-3535.

What are the advantages of Santander’s contactless payment?

Among the advantages of the Santander approach payment, we can mention that physical contact is minimal. There is no need to touch the buttons on the machine, a place with direct contact with thousands of people a day, accumulating bacteria.

What are the benefits of using Santander contactless payments?

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Another advantage is the fast and convenient method of payment. Any transaction is completed in a few seconds, without the need for passwords or confirmations. With quick payments, queues at establishments are reduced. In addition, the technology is free for all users, with no fees to be paid for its use.

How secure is Santander’s proximity payment?

For all Santander customers, contactless payment technology is secure. Some people are concerned about not needing the password during payments, but every transaction receives a code that prevents data leakage and scams. Also, it is not possible to pass large values ​​without confirming a password.

For even more efficient security, in case of theft or loss, just contact the Santander immediately and block the card through the app. Thus, the technology will not be used by anyone who is in possession of the card.

Santander provides support to its customers for all services, including proximity technology. Therefore, in case of doubts or problems, it is possible to receive a quick service from your nearest service center and agency.

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