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How to customize ink color?

When building or renovating the house, the resident is usually in doubt regarding the color and type of paint to be used in the painting. Most of the time, he seeks an authentic tone that matches his lifestyle.

The paints in the catalog do not always satisfy the resident’s desire. (Photo: Disclosure)

the big ones ink marks present several color options in their respective catalogues. With so many possibilities, the consumer is not sure which color satisfies his needs. To solve this problem, it’s worth investing in something personalized.

What this article covers:

Creating your own ink color

For many years, the painters mixed ready-made paints to get different colors. However, they hardly achieved a uniform result. The problem was solved thanks to the creation of a new technology: the color mixing machinesπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

The machine capable of create unique paint colors was developed with the aim of replacing manual mixing. She is able to target specific tones more effectively and is also able to repeat the same mixture on other occasions. In this way, the painter does not run the risk of leaving the surface with uneven shades.

Paint Mixing Machine. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main paint manufacturers have already developed machines that make the mixtures automatically. The operation of all equipment is similar: a series of dyes in electronically calculated proportions is added to a base, usually white. Each color in the manufacturer’s standard catalog is determined by a code.

If the customer needs more ink, he can use the same codes to prepare your mixture through the machine. In a few minutes, he gets the customized ink, which is characterized by its original and homogeneous color.

Lukscolor has its own machine for creating and mixing paintsπŸ‡§πŸ‡· The equipment stands out as one of the best known in the Brazilian market and can be a great business opportunity.

Customize ink color through a computer has its drawbacks. The main negative point is the price, which is usually much higher than traditional products. It is also worth remembering that some types of paint cannot be mixed using this technology.

Before buying a paint color, it’s important to test it out. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for customizing ink

– When defining the color, don’t just limit yourself to the standard catalogue. It is worth testing the paint on the surface to assess the true result.

– Applications that simulate paint in the environment help you choose the ideal product.

– If you are going to evaluate only the paint cataloglook at the shades in the sunlight.

– Do not let the painter mix the paints on their own, the result can be disastrous and generate a lot of waste.

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