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How to cure a hangover: 6 essential tips

Sometimes it happens: you drink an extra glass and have to deal with the next day. Learn how to cure a hangover after a night of overindulgence.

I would like to know how to cure hangover?? After a night of drinking and drinking fun, the next day is almost certainly going to be torture. From nausea to headaches, passing through the zero desire to get out of bed and carry out normal day-to-day activities, the truth is that the hours will seem eternal and you will want to go back in time.

It was great to know how to cure a hangover, wasn’t it? Well, take note because we are going to give you the best tips to make your post-party morning easier.

How to cure a hangover: everything you need to know

Drinking an extra glass is something that has happened to virtually everyone, whether unconsciously or on purpose. This means that, if you want to avoid a hangover, it’s best to avoid excesses, because there are no magic formulas.

Another very important aspect to take into account to know how to cure a hangover is do not drink on an empty stomachsince the blood alcohol level is higher the longer the fast.

It is important to remember that the effects of alcohol vary according to factors as common as the weight and age of the individual. You should, therefore, be aware of your limitations to have a healthy relationship with alcoholic beverages.

However, there is a set of good practices that can minimize the effects of drinking the next day and help cure the hangover that torments you so much. The advice list encompasses behaviors but also – surprise yourself – food choices.

You must have heard this tip dozens of times, but water is really one of your best allies to cure a hangover. One of the effects of alcohol is dehydration, which makes water the best medicine. On the other hand, it also helps remove toxins from the body and ease the discomfort of a hangover.

If you don’t want water, you can opt for fruit juices, teas or coconut water. The important thing is to drink lots of fluids.

Alcohol has effects that take some time to disappear completely, so the body needs some time to recover?? That’s why it’s best to take advantage of the day to rest a lot.

Whenever possible, lie in bed and do your best to be in the dark. The goal is to get as much sleep as you need until you feel fully rested and your headaches are gone. Another good advice for this problem is to place a wet towel in cold water on the forehead.


Take the necessary medications

A hangover doesn’t have to be an even bigger pain than usual. This means that, if necessary, you can take medication suitable for the pain or problems you face. Nausea pills or headache pills are options you can use, as long as you are careful.

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It may seem strange, but eggs are good allies to cure a hangover. Contains taurine and cysteine, important amino acids for the recovery of the body which help normalize liver function and reduce headaches.

The banana is a potassium rich food, an electrolyte whose levels eventually decrease with the diuretic effect of alcohol. On the other hand, it’s a great option to avoid or get around the nausea that attacks you with a hangover.


Avoid heavy meals

As much as you might like to, you shouldn’t eat heavy or high-fat meals. Your stomach You will be sensitive and therefore meals involving foods such as pizza, chips or hamburgers should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, you run the risk of overloading your liver and irritating your stomach.

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