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How to create a shared photo library with iOS 16 • ENTER.CO

All iPhone users already know about shared albums, which can be designed so that two or more people take part in said album. Now the company has developed a much broader shared function; With the arrival of iOS 16, users can create an entire library of photos that they can share with their family and friends.

The main difference between a library and a shared album is that with the library, participants can take photos and videos that will be saved directly to that space. In other words, they won’t have to go through the process of taking the photo and later transfer it to the folder they want, which does happen with the shared album. On the other hand, all participants will have access to add, edit and delete the files they want. Without further ado, here’s how to set up iCloud Shared Library.

The first thing you should do is go to the ‘settings’ section and from there enter the ‘photos’ section. In the new menu you will find the ‘shared library’ section, enter there. You will see that the first thing it asks you is ‘Add participants’ where you can invite the people with whom you want to share the library. By pressing this option, you will see a new tab where you can add people by name. You can add up to five people; Once you have chosen all the participants, you can press ‘continue’.

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Now you must select how you want to transfer the files. The app will give you three options to transfer photos and videos:

  • All my photos and videos
  • Choose by People or Date

This option allows you to include photos based on specific people (or animals) in the photos or specific dates.

When you have chosen the option that best suits your needs, you can click ‘continue’. Now all that remains is to send the invitations. Tap ‘invite via messages’ to send a group message with access to the shared library; or if you want, you can ‘share link’. Once you send the invites, the app will ask you to ‘share from camera’; this feature will allow you and other participants to save photos directly from the camera. That is, if you take a photo that goes to the shared library, you can do it by activating this option.

Image: Pexels

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