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How to create a digital account at BV: check it out!

With the possibility of a new digital account at BV, numerous advantages and benefits are offered to its customers and users. For those who had already carried out some financing with Banco Votorantim, or have a credit card linked to the bank, it is even simpler to create a digital account.

What this article covers:

What is BV?

BV is a Brazilian bank founded in 1988 through the incorporation of a limited liability company, initially being a distributor of securities and real estate securities. Banco Votorantim is the 5th largest private bank in Brazil, and in 2020 with the launch of its 100% digital and free account, it brought more ease and agility to its users’ banking transactions.

How to create a digital account at BV?

Creating a digital account at BV is quick and easy, the first step is to download the application on your mobile device. The app is available for Android and iOS. When downloading the application, just follow the instructions to create your digital account at BV. You will need to register using your CPF number and create a new password to access the application.

With this data, you will need to confirm your identity through a selfie, when you click on continue the app will ask for a new confirmation with a photo of your RG or CNH. The other information requested must also be registered before finalizing your registration.

With all the information registered, it is only necessary to wait for the bank’s analysis period. When the analysis result is ready, a notification will be sent.

How does the digital account at BV work?

The digital account at BV works with 100% free maintenance, without charging for withdrawals or transactions, in addition to having a unique cashback program and an unlimited number of bank transfers.

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As it is online, the user can manage all their finances through the application, without having to go through several bureaucratic steps. Thus, the BV digital account unites the facilitating features of most digital accounts at the moment.

What are the benefits of the BV digital account?

When creating your digital account at BV, exclusive benefits are also offered to its users. Some of these benefits are:


The PIX function does not contain service limits, and there are no charges for transfers to other banks.

It is also possible to carry out PIX using the BV credit card.


Withdrawals are also offered free of charge and without usage limits.

money save function

A benefit that brings a great difference to users of the digital account at BV is the possibility of saving money.

Through virtual envelopes, the user can separate an amount that he wants to save within his own account, but without this amount being available in the rest of the balance. All money set aside for the money-keeping function yields more than the income from the savings account.

This happens because each value yields 100% of the CDI (Interbank Deposit Certificate).

Credit card

In the digital account at BV, three credit card options are offered, which vary according to the financial life of each client.

Every credit card can be used in the debit function as well, just activate this function when creating your account and/or card.


BV’s cashback program works in two options, offering 1% cashback with each purchase or 1.5% more unique benefits on trips with partners.

What are the BV credit card options?

All three credit cards available from the BV digital account have credit and debit options, in addition to having both the VISA and Mastercard flags to choose from.

Free BV Card

The BV Livre card has no annual fee, but does not come with the cashback function. It is also possible to obtain benefits from shopping at partner stores and brands, as well as the exclusive advantages of VISA or Mastercard.

BV Card More

The BV Mais card offers 1% cashback per purchase, 100% yield on the CDI, and with the possibility of VISA or Mastercard benefits as well. The fee for this card costs BRL 9.90 per month.

Single BV Card

Finally, the BV Único card brings 1.5% cashback on every purchase made, with exclusive benefits when buying airline tickets, 100% yield on CDI and advantages of the chosen card brand (VISA or Mastercard).

Single BV Card

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The monthly cost of the tariff is BRL 59.90 per month, with a 50% reduction when spending 5 thousand per month or 100% reduction with expenses above 10 thousand.

Thus, it can be seen that the account digital on BV It has numerous advantages for its users. The ease of transactions, at no additional cost and with unlimited transfers offers a lot of gains. Not counting the cashback option and the function of saving money.

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