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How to consult payment and payroll statements with My INSS

Through the Meu INSS portal, retirees and pensioners can query payment and payroll statements and more than 90 other services.

For the last 3 years, INSS beneficiaries have been able to access information on their benefits and requirements via the web, on the Meu INSS website. There are more than 90 services available on the portal that make it unnecessary to go to the agency’s agencies.

Among the most popular services is access to the payment statement, which allows the beneficiary to check whether the amount deposited is correct, without undue discounts.

With the service, a document containing information on payroll loans, 13th and what else can be added or deducted from the amount received by the beneficiary.

With regard to the payroll loan, there is a report in particular. By gaining access to the “Consigned Loan Statement”, the beneficiary has access to his history in this operation, with the names of the assigning institutions, the number of contracts in force or terminated, number of installments, amounts contracted, available assignable margin and margin .

Those who have just obtained a benefit can access the concession statement, which carries with them all the details of the income, such as, for example, application date, bank, benefit amount, location for withdrawal, calculation process and other information. .

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The documents acquired on the portal, according to João Badari, a lawyer, are the main reference for questioning the benefits in court, as they contain releases of services and the calculations performed.

What this article covers:

How to access INSS services through the Meu INSS portal

To access the portal, you just need to have an account on gov.br?? To register, you need your CPF number, full name, date of birth and answer a few questions correctly about your professional and social security history.

Through the internet, it is possible to check if everything is correct with the amount of the INSS benefit or with the date, in addition, there is also the possibility of checking which financial institution will pay the benefit.

For this it is necessary:

  • Access My INSS;
  • Click on the “Payment Statement” option;
  • Click on the month you want to query;
  • If you need to print, click on “Download PDF”;

Account holders of Banco do Brasil (BB) and Caixa also have access to home banking services through the option: “Social Security”, for BB and, in the case of Caixa, “Extrato Previdenciário”.

INSS beneficiaries can access the Meu INSS portal to check if they have loans that generate discounts on the benefit, through the following steps:

  • Access My INSS with the registered data;
  • Click on the “Loan statement” sector;
  • If more than one social security benefit is received, it is necessary to consult one at a time;
  • The page will show benefit information and the assignable margin;
  • If printing is desired by the beneficiary, click on “Download PDF”.

How to request payment of benefit not received from the INSS through My INSS

For those who have not received payment of any benefit from the INSS, it is possible to request them, for this it is necessary to:

  • Access the My INSS website;
  • Access the account;
  • Choose the option “Agendamentos/Requests”;
  • Click on “New Application”;
  • Type in the search field the words “not received”;
  • Select the desired service;
  • Follow the progress through the website in the “Agendamentos/Requirements” field.

Through this step-by-step on the Meu INSS portal, the worker can ask the agency for a statement that states whether or not there are benefits in their name:

  • Access the My INSS portal;
  • Choose “INSS Beneficiary Declaration”;

The document made available will contain the main information of a given approved benefit, including: type and number, amount calculation method, value, date and which bank the withdrawal will be made.

How to access the result of the INSS benefit due to disability through the Meu INSS portal

The result of expertise of the benefit for temporary disability, also known as sickness benefit, is one of the most sought after services of the INSS, to carry out the check it is necessary:

  • Access My INSS;
  • In the “Featured Services” area, click on “Disability Benefit Result”;
  • The gate will inform you whether or not the request was granted;
  • If there is a concession, the insured can verify the amount and the date that the payment will be made;
  • The results of the examinations are available from 21:00 on the same day the examination was carried out.

If the information “No benefit found for consultation” appears, there is a chance that there is some pending registration, in this case, call 135.

The worker can track his contributions to the INSS body and the amounts collected by the companies he works for, in addition to the contributions made through the Social Security Guide (GPS), simply:

  • Log in to My INSS;
  • Click on “Contribution Statement (CNIS)”;
  • If you need to print the document, click on “Download PDF” in the lower right corner.

It is possible to choose the complete version, with the remuneration of each company, or the simplified version, which only has the employment records.

  • By clicking on “Continue” the document will appear;
  • To print this time, it is necessary to go to the upper left corner and click on “Print”.

To learn more about My INSS, continue browsing our website.

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