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Since we discovered music players such as the walkman or the MP3, we have become accustomed to carrying music at all times, all we have to do is connect our headphones. But have you ever wondered how to share that music with someone else? That is, imagine that you are going on a plane tour and you want to listen to the same songs with a friend. Although you can simply share one of your headphones, the experience is not the same; But don’t worry, there are ways to connect multiple hearing aids to one device.

Although wired headphones are becoming less common on the market, they are still the most traditional option and preferred by some. In case you have two pairs of wired headphones, there is an easy option to connect them to a single cell phone. It is a Jack multiplier, a small device that comes with two and up to three jack connectors. The advantage of these devices is that: one, they are not very expensive and two, you can buy it almost in any technology store.

So, in one corner you will have the 3.5 millimeter Jack connector to connect it to your phone. On the other side of the device you will see several extra connectors. This would be the only solution for this type of hearing aid, however, as we mentioned before, wired hearing aids are becoming less common on the market. In exchange, they have been replaced by bluetooth-type headphones, but don’t worry, there is also a solution to connect several of these to the same device.

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Since the bluetooth 5.0 version was inaugurated in 2017, the possibility of connecting two headphones to the same device is much easier. Still, you should know that not all phones have this option. To verify it, you must go to ‘Settings’ or ‘Configuration’ of your cell phone and look for the ‘Bluetooth’ section. You will see the list of devices that you have previously connected and in the upper right corner the three points in a vertical line of ‘Menu’. When you press this button you will see the ‘Dual audio’ option, you must leave the button for this option activated and that’s it. Now you can connect two headphones and play the music in both.

If your phone does not have this option, we are sorry to tell you that there is no application that allows you to connect two headphones. However, you can buy accessories that allow this option, such as “bluetooth transmitters”. This type of device will allow you to connect several hearing aids to it and the transmitter to connect it directly to the cell phone.

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