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Although we already find cell phones with a 6.8-inch screen on the market, even larger ones and tablets with a screen of up to 10 inches, many prefer to have a better experience with a larger screen. Fortunately, there are several cell phone manufacturers that have included a special section to link several devices to the same phone, such as Motorola with Ready For.

The company’s latest cell phones are already equipped with Ready For, a simple tool that will allow you to interconnect with other devices. This function is present in high-end cell phones from the moto G 100, which allows connection via HDMI cable. However, from the moto Edge 30 you can connect without the need for the cable.

How to connect the cell phone to your TV?

In this case we will explain the connection to a television from a moto edge 30, that is, we do not require an HDM cable. You can find the function by sliding the top bar of quick access, you can find the access to ‘Ready for’. Upon entering, you will see a list of options where you will find the ‘connect to TV/display’ button, which is what we are interested in at the moment; press this option.

Simultaneously, you must turn on the television that you are going to connect and look for the ‘wireless screen’ option; it is usually located in the TV settings. When pressing that option, the TV will show an advertisement where you will see the name of the screen, it will be something like TV_ followed by four numbers and/or letters. Now, from the Ready For window, find the name of the TV and hit ‘connect’. You will know that the connection was established because the cell phone shows you a ‘tracking panel’ where you will see the screen divided into four segments.

Ready for

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Now, you can use the cell phone as a remote control. If you prefer the traditional remote control, you can change it from the icon with the rectangle in the upper right; clicking on this option will display the remote control with the necessary keys to navigate.

Remember that you can use Ready For as a ‘mobile desktop’, which will be used to use the browser, look at the photos on your cell phone, enter the Play Store, among other things. From the ‘TV’ option you can access all the applications on your cell phone, including streaming platforms that you cannot download to your TV. ‘Video Chat’ allows you to hold virtual meetings using your phone as a camera and your TV as a screen. And ‘Game’ is indeed so that you can enjoy the games on your cell phone, you can even connect a joystick to play console-style.

Cell phones that have Ready For are:

motorcycle g100

motorola edge 20 lite

motorola edge 20 pro

motorcycle g200

motorola edge 30 pro

motorola edge 30

and all new motorola edge 30 neo, ultra and fusion

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