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How to communicate with the angels assigned to us

It is essential to find a route to establish full communication with the beings of light who guide us in our darkest days.

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For people who believe in the existence of beings of light, also known as angels, it is essential to find mechanisms that allow them to establish a full and almost permanent connection with them in order to receive their power through blessings, as well as protection in earthly life.

Experts in angelology maintain that in the dimension where these beings are located, the concept of the body of the physical body has been surpassed by that of light and the more intense it is, the greater harmony will prevail in the universe.

For this reason, the permanent objective of these beings of light is to guide, but not to fulfill their whims to human beings so that they can evolve spiritually.

Likewise, the wings with which they are continuously represented are only symbolic and speak of their ability to cross through time and space.

In this way, it is recommended to establish bridges that establish channels of communication with those beings of light during the darkest days for humanity.

angelic correspondence

Although for some people writing may seem complicated, doing it with the purpose of having the words reach an angel really makes it very simple, because they only value the force of human thought and not spelling or diction.

When you slide the pencil over the paper, the words will simply begin to flow, since it is only necessary to think about what you want to ask, request or express to an angel without even knowing its name, since only the intention is enough.

Closing your eyes while writing is a good practice, as it allows you to disconnect from everything that distracts you.

The Oracle of Angels

Going to some of the many oracles that are available is an even easier way to communicate with the angels.since, when expressing our concerns to a being of light awaiting advice, through a letter the answer will emerge through an image that carries a meaning extensively explained.

daily meditation

Set aside at least 15 minutes of our time daily to get in tune with the angels by thinking about them with our eyes closed will provide the answer to the concerns we have. This will come through bodily sensations such as warmth, chills or palpitations.

Another more developed option is to be able to listen to a voice that emerges from within us with answers.

Angelic communication from the shower

Water represents another alternative to communicate with angels, as it cleanses impurities and makes energy flow, so Under the shower you can also take a few minutes to talk with beings of light.

interpret angelic signs

Angelic messages appear everywhere for those who are attentive to read them and it is only necessary to pay attention to try to interpret them looking for an answer to a specific concern. So it is enough to mentally launch a question requesting the support of an angelic being.

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