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How to combine colors and make modern decor

Wanting to change the look of your home or work environment without breaking the bank? Learn it çhow to combine colors and make modern decorkeeping an eye on the tips that we will share in the following article.

How to combine colors and make modern decor (Illustrative Photo)

Generally, changes in decoration include the acquisition of new furniture and decorations to give a different look to the look of the environment, which can result in greater expenses, something that we are not always able to do.

But there are other ways to change the decoration of environments without the need to spend large amounts of money, and one of them is by combining colors, which can leave your living room, bedroom, office or any other room in the property with a fresh look. and modern.

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What this article covers:

How to combine colors and make modern decor

Using the right colors, your home decor will gain another face (Illustrative Photo)

THE color combination in decoration It is a great option to give a more modern and sophisticated look to your home or workplace. But to use this technique, it is necessary to make the harmony between the colors well, to prevent the environment from becoming tiring and full of information.

One of the tips for including colors in the decoration, for a more modern touch, is to mix neutral tones with bright colors (black and white with yellow and red, for example), a mixture that provides a contemporary look to the space.

The combinations can appear in any room (Illustrative Photo)

Traditionally, this mix often appears on walls, as one of the oldest ways to change decor is to paint the wall. But you can also harmonize colors on the floor, using rugs, pictures and other decorative objects, or even small details on the wall, always taking care not to overdo it.

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More tips for combining colors in the decor

Take into account the meaning of colors when choosing (Illustrative Photo)

Between the color matching tips, it is also worth remembering the meanings of colors. Each color conveys a different sensation (peace, tranquility, emotion, agitation, joy, etc.), and knowing which of these feelings each tone is related to, you can better harmonize the environment, according to what you want for that space.

Discover the harmony of colors to decorate the house

The correct use of colors can also increase or reduce the sense of space, reduce visual effort, control light intensity and increase efficiency in activities.

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