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How to combine brown with other colors in decor

Learn it how to combine brown with other colors in decoration🇧🇷 This color, which is very reminiscent of the tone of the earth, can be a great ally when decorating rooms in the house, such as the living room, bedroom and dining room. Read the article and learn how to make the combinations.

How to combine brown with other colors in decoration. (Ilustrative Photo)

Because it is a neutral color, brown gives you the freedom to combine with other neutral tones or even bright colors. In this way, the resident can personalize the spaces, making them more welcoming, welcoming and sophisticated.

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What this article covers:

Brown is a color that brings, in its name, an element of nature. This tone conveys the idea of ​​maturity, simplicity, resistance and security. When combined with other colors, the sensations transmitted through the decoration become even more complete.

Using brown in decoration is a very positive thing, especially for those who want to enhance the natural color of wood and thus reinforce the feeling of warmth. However, it is worth being careful about overdoing it. The excess of this color in the same environment leads to isolation, affective dependence and even excessive self-criticism.

Just be careful not to overdo the brown and make the decoration dark. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Mundo das Tribos separated some tips for how to combine brown with other colors in decoration🇧🇷 Check out:

Brown with white: It is a very nice combination of neutral colors, which manages to formulate a rustic and contemporary aesthetic at the same time.

Brown with red: the result is a very welcoming, pleasant environment with a strong personality. Just be careful in the summer months, as it can feel hot.

Decoration with brown and blue. (Ilustrative Photo)

Brown with Blue: if you need to decorate a young and masculine space, then this is the perfect combination. The sobriety of the neutral color contrasts with the calmness of the blue.

Brown with green: the combination is perfect for those who want to create a decoration totally inspired by nature. The environment becomes fresh and welcoming.

Brown with yellow: these colors complement each other, creating a dynamic, pleasant environment that contributes to the disposition of residents.

Brown with pink: this duo can be used to decorate a feminine environment and thus escape the obvious. The result is a delicate space and at the same time with a lot of attitude.

Decoration with brown and pink. (Ilustrative Photo)

Brown with beige: a great combination to enhance vintage and rustic style elements. Just be careful that the room doesn’t get too dim.

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Now you already know how to combine brown with other colors in decoration🇧🇷 To enhance this tone in environments, bet on walls, furniture, rugs, curtains, baskets and decorative objects. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other subjects that teach you how to decorate with good taste.

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