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How to clear the cache of browsers like Chrome and Safari • ENTER.CO

One of the features that allows the loading of pages on the Internet to be fast is the use of the cache. Browsers like Chrome, Safari and Edge use this function that works as a kind of memory, to save, on a computer or on a cell phone, part of the information found on websites. The cache makes loading files from a page more efficient; however, over time it can compromise device space.

Although the cache improves the loading times of multimedia content on the Internet, it can be configured in such a way that the space it will consume can be limited. However, there are also ways to permanently eliminate it, which will allow not only to solve problems that could have been caused by some temporary file, but also to free up space on phones and computers.

How to clear Chrome cache

If your default browser is Chrome, the first thing you should do to delete your computer’s cache is to go to the three vertical dots that you will find in the upper corner of your screen, after the search bar; that is, where extensions are normally located.

When the menu drops down, select ‘More tools’ and then click on the ‘Clear browsing data’ option. At that moment, a new window will open where Google will ask you what type of information you want to delete. Within the options, which also includes the possibility of deleting your browsing and download history, you will find one that says ‘Cache images and files’: check that box and select ‘Clear data’.


If you use Chrome from your cell phone, the procedure to delete the cache is similar, with the difference that the path you must follow is the following: Settings> Privacy and security> Clear browsing data.

How to clear Safari cache

Similar to Chrome, Safari users can also free up space on their Macs by deleting their computers cache. In the case of Apple’s browser, it’s pretty simple. The first thing to do is locate the Safari general menu at the top of the screen and select the ‘History’ option and then click ‘Clear history’.

There is also another way to perform this action, which implies that in the menu bar you click on ‘Safari’, then ‘Preferences’, then ‘Advanced’ and there you enable the box for ‘Show Development in the menu bar ‘. When you see this option in that bar, select it and then click on ‘Empty cache’.

To clear iPhone cache, tap on the ‘Bookmarks’ icon at the bottom of the screen, which looks like an open book; then the ‘History’ icon must be entered, and, finally, the ‘Delete’ option must be selected.

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