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How to clear Android cache?

Does your mobile phone suffer from lack of space and slowness? In some cases, clearing Android’s cache may be the solution.

Clear Android Cache it is not a time-consuming or difficult process to perform and it can make your phone gain internal storage space. If your device is starting to show its age and it seems too slow to handle the most basic functions, the lack of space could be one of the reasons for this low performance. Before you start cleaning up photos and videos or throwing apps away, try clearing the cache to see if it makes any difference.

In the latest mobile phones, the cache stored can also become a real “glutton” of storage space. storage as users accumulate hours of online browsing or when they can’t resist adding more and more new applications to their user habits.

What does it mean to clear Android cache?

The cache consists of all the data and files stored in your mobile phone’s memory whenever you use it to access an application, website or online game. These files are created the first time you access any website or application.

They can be images that both need to load in the system, small files necessary for its operation or files that result from the customization that the user makes in its use. Setting the interface to your liking, recording access passwords or entering personal data are all actions that are recorded in the cache..

Applications and websites recognize your mobile phone through what you left recorded there in your last accesses. This means that the next access will already be faster than the first time. If, on the one hand, the existence of the cache improves your cell phone’s performance and saves you time, on the other hand, it takes up storage space on your cell phone.

How to clear cache?

Clear application cache

Go to >Phone settings, which are usually represented by the gear wheel icon on your screen and look for the >Applications menu. Select the app to clear the cache, tap >Storage, then tap >Clear Cache.

You can decide which apps need this cleaning the most by accessing your device’s Storage Maintenance menu to see which apps are taking up the most space and start cleaning there. Remember that not all the space that an application occupies is cache, but if the cache seems high compared to the others, it is a sign that you should clear it.

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Clear cache and cookies in browsers

Like applications, the browsers you use also store files on your mobile phone such as cookies. To clean it, go to >Browsing History of the browser you usually use. We leave you the example for Chrome where you will have to enter >More (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner, tap >History and choose >Clear Browsing data.

You can choose to clear everything that is recorded or only at a certain time interval. Check the box next to Cookies and Site Data and also the box for Cached Images and Files. Then just tap on >Clear Data.

Does something stop working?

Not. Files written to the cache have a positive influence on the performance of applications because they speed up their opening and loading, but if they disappear, they do not stop working. They just set the counter to zero on their accesses. If your cell phone was slow due to lack of space, this is definitely a way to go.

But if your cell phone is slow, but you still have a lot of free space, the solution doesn’t stop here and the act of deleting the cache can even aggravate the performance problem in the next access to applications and websites once the loading is no longer mayor. In this sense, there is no reason to clear Android’s cache if it shows a lot of free space.

In the long term, on a mobile phone with space and without performance problems, a regular cleaning of the cache should only take place from month to month or even longer. It will serve to maintain your free space, and also as an added security factor that allows you to clean recorded personal data that would otherwise be at the mercy of computer freaks or improper hands if your cell phone is stolen.

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