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How to clean the Airfryer inside and out without damaging it? See how!

When buying this novelty that fries without oil and helps in the preparation of healthier foods, many do not know how to clean the Airfryer in the correct way and can damage them in the first residue removals.

When we make a good investment, we don’t want that object to deteriorate quickly, right? So, I invite you to learn how to clean the Airfryer inside and out with the indicated products.

What this article covers:

What is an Airfryer?

It is an easy-to-use appliance, quick in the preparation of healthy foods and has an advanced technology that allows the frying of food through the air. People who have embraced a fitness lifestyle love it. Recipes range from fried egg to salmon with potatoes, there are recipes for all tastes.

What is the Airfryer used for?

As much as oil-free frying is her differential, she can also prepare other types of food. Perfect for you who like to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen.

How to clean the inside of the Airfryer?

After cooking something in your Airfryer, there are some residues inside it and that’s why you need to clean it so that it doesn’t get crusty dirt. But before cleaning, make sure the device is already out of the socket and if it’s already cold so you don’t burn yourself when handling it.

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Remove the inner container which is in contact with the food to wash. Use only the sponge on the soft side and a mild detergent to clean all corners. Don’t forget to wash around too. If it is very difficult to remove the remains, let this basket soak in water for about 10 minutes before scrubbing.

How to clean the outside Airfryer?

On the outside, you will only need a damp flannel to remove the dirt droplets that remain after use or due to dirty hands. It is also recommended to make a mixture of white vinegar and water to remove dirt more easily and remove strong odors that may arise.

Remember to always clean after use. Thus, you conserve more the investment you made in this appliance and it will always be ready for a new use.

Let’s say you’ve made chicken thighs and wings in your Airfryer. The layer of fat that surrounds this piece of chicken releases oil when fried. Even if you didn’t add any extra fat sources. Outside when there are some pieces of the clinging to the bottom.

What to do with Airfryer waste

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After seeing that they are ready, you notice these droplets of fat tightly attached to the container and think “how am I going to get this waste out of here now?”. It’s simple, just do the cleaning indicated in the topic above and then dispose of this waste in the trash.

What to use to clean the Airfryer?

Use only the softer side of the dishwashing pad, vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, flannel (or perfex), water and detergent. Avoid very abrasive products like chlorine, for example, and other products with alcohol. They can damage your device. Using the rough side of the sponge scratches the Airfryer material, make sure you use the right side.

Follow these tips to clean the Airfryer and see how it lasts longer. In addition, it will be very clean and without unwanted odors.

Watch the video below on how to clean your Airfryer:

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