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How to clean porcelain

It is very common to choose porcelain tiles for finishing the floors and walls of the house. The product, which exists in different versions, has a special beauty, in addition to durability. However, due to the raw material for its manufacture, porcelain tiles should be seen as a type of ceramic stone, which deserves greater care during cleaning. Depending on its polish, certain products can damage it, staining it or interfering with its appearance, through abrasion. Look how to clean porcelaincorrectly.

Porcelain tiles have been widely used, as they make environments much more charming (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

polished porcelain

Better known as polished porcelain tiles, this type of tile is the one that contains the most shine. Its surface has almost no porosity, but due to the intense shine, stains can be difficult to remove. If any abrasive material is used, the porcelain tile will certainly be harmed. It takes caution and patience to clean it. On the other hand, simple materials do the job. Soap or neutral detergent + water are sufficient in most cases. For clean porcelain polisheddo the following:

Polished porcelain tiles can be cleaned with neutral soap and water (Photo: Disclosure)

Daily: Sweep the floor with a hair broom, removing all the dust. Then dilute neutral detergent in water and wipe the entire floor with a cloth and squeegee. Afterwards, just use a dry cloth and wipe the floor.

Weekly or in cases of stains: use creamy soap. Examples are Sapolio Radium or Cif. Dilute a spoon (soup) in a liter of water. Pass the mixture on the porcelain tile. Then remove the excess with a wet cloth, without any product. Afterwards, just dry the floor with a dry cloth.

This same mixture can be used in case of punctual stains. If necessary, apply the creamy soap directly to the stain, leaving it to act for 30 minutes. Then remove the product with water.

dull porcelain

You can also scrub the matte porcelain tiles (Photo: Disclosure)

You lackluster porcelain tiles have the most porous surface. So they accumulate dirt more often. They can be cleaned in the same way as described above. Daily, the mixture of neutral detergent and water helps to avoid the accumulation of dirt. In special cases, you can resort to creamy soap and, if the floor is grimy, it is worth applying the mixture, scrubbing with a soft broom. Just spread the product, wait a few minutes and start scrubbing. Then, you can remove the excess, using the squeegee and then wiping with a damp cloth with clean water. Finally, dry the porcelain tile well with a clean cloth.

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