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How to clean glass blocks

The decoration is increasingly valuing the presence of glass blocks🇧🇷 These pieces are modern, sophisticated and help to leave the environment with a different atmosphere.

Glass blocks need care in cleaning. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Daily cleaning of glass blocks

Glass blocks take on an aesthetic and functional character in decoration, but many people don’t know how to clean them. Check out the following step by step to remove dirt of the parts:

• To make the glass block cleaning, it is necessary to gather the main materials: soft sponge or damp cloth and neutral detergent. The use of acidic products can damage the finish, including the grout, so it is important to avoid them;

• Use the sponge or cloth to spread the detergent, always using gentle movements. To scrub the block with force, the material can acquire scratches;

Blocks should not be rubbed hard as they can scratch. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The sponge or cloth should be washed and wrung out frequently.

Cleaning right after construction

• After construction, the structure built with glass blocks it may have excess mortar or some type of dirt that is impossible to remove with just detergent and water. In these cases, it is important to carry out cleaning with the help of a curling iron. Then use a clean, soft, damp sponge.

• Cleaning of glass blocks after construction must be carried out within one hour at most after applying the putty. Otherwise, the dirt removal becomes even more complicated.

The power of glass blocks

Glass blocks are compatible with the contemporary style of decoration, after all, they value the translucent effect and value a clean aesthetic.

O standard glass block template It is 19x19cm in size and 8 cm thick. The material can also be found in colored versions, with or without a different finish. As a decorative element, the glass block is more expensive than conventional brick, costing between 7 and 20 reais each piece.

Glass blocks are valued elements in architecture. (Photo: Disclosure)

Indoors, there are several ways to explore the glass blocks, such as through the construction of balconies and partitions. The use of some blocks is also recommended to give the wall a more charming and sophisticated touch.

The use of decorative glass blocks it is advantageous in many ways. The translucent material facilitates the entry of light into the environments and also contributes to the feeling of spaciousness. When colorless, the blocks have versatility in combinations with other decorative elements.

Take advantage of the tips and value the presence of glass blocks in the decor.

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