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How to claim income tax exemption for retirees?

Something that is already common for young workers is having to pay income tax annually. However, for retirees or pensioners with serious illnesses, the INSS offers the possibility of exemption from income tax.

Workers who have been active for a long time in the labor market are always subject to the possibility of the appearance or worsening of diseases that interfere with their ability to perform their duties, depending on their health and the conditions in which they work. .

Even though this program has been in effect for some time, it is clear that there are still many doubts about the tax exemption. So, check now an overview of everything you need to know about withdrawing income tax for retirees with serious illnesses.

What this article covers:

How to know if the disease in the retiree is serious and how to prove it?

No disease is good, that’s a fact. However, not all of them fit to be classified as serious to the point of proceeding with the request for the benefit.

Serious illnesses have the character of leaving irreversible sequelae in the patient or severe difficulties. This is the criterion used by the INSS to obtain the benefit.

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We can cite as an example that fits the strongest tuberculosis, which leaves the patient extremely vulnerable to other diseases. Vision-related disorders such as total blindness are also on the list. Another example is Parkinson’s disease, which seriously affects movement control, among many others.

The important thing is that you understand what the nature of a serious illness is so that you have no doubts when applying for the benefit.

To prove the illness, according to the INSS itself, an appointment will be scheduled that will require everything that proves the veracity of the disease to be taken, this includes prescriptions, medical certificates, exams, among others.

How do I apply for income tax exemption?

As already mentioned, the benefit is only valid for retirees or pensioners with a serious illness. If everything previously mentioned in the article is in order, you must call the number 135 and schedule the appointment for the medical examination. From everything that has been said, I hope that I have emptied a good part of your doubts about the subject addressed. If you want more information about the system, take a look at the official INSS website. clicking here?? To stay informed of the most varied daily news, be aware of the constant posts on the site.

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