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How to choose the ideal TV stand

Brazilians are earning more and with greater purchasing power, furniture is replaced, electronic devices are replaced and new equipment makes the family routine more comfortable. Among electronic devices, televisions are worth mentioning, the old tube televisions are giving way to plasma, LCD or LED devices, which are more modern and sophisticated. But unlike older models, some of the new devices need support for installation, and this is where the consumer is in doubt about which TV stand is ideal🇧🇷

Fixed TV support (Photo: disclosure)

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How to choose the ideal TV stand

There are several ideal types of TV stands🇧🇷 Some are mobile and some are fixed. With regard to fixed fixtures, it is necessary to properly measure how high the television should be. This must be done carefully, as if the TV fails or if the images are out of your viewing angle, you will need to remove the stand to fix it. Also remember that for any type of support, you must check before purchase that it supports the weight and is suitable for the height and width of your television.

Ceiling support model (Photo: publicity)

Tips for choosing the ideal TV stand

You mobile tv stands are more advantageous with regard to the possibility of regulating the positioning of the device. Some models allow you to move the TV sideways or up and down without problems, which can count as a positive point if you have the habit of watching TV from different points, the room, for example.

Type of articulated support that allows for more adjustments (Photo: disclosure)

At the time to choose the ideal TV stand, there are still other options such as the articulated support. It can be moved 90 degrees to the right or left side, and it can adjust the height of the television by 15 degrees on the top or bottom side. There are also brackets that sit on the ceiling. In this case, the best thing is that the model can be readjusted to any side to facilitate your work.

Mobile TV stand: one more option for you to choose from (Photo: publicity)

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