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How to choose the best Home Loan?

It’s not a question for 1 million euros, but the answer can certainly save you a good few thousand at the end of your Home Loan. Do you know how to choose the best Mortgage Loan for your case? Discover the 5 most important elements that you should be aware of to arrive at the best solution for your case.

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How to choose the best home loan?

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  1. Loan Amount: after defining the type of property and its location, you can get an idea of ​​the amount needed to proceed with the purchase. However, you must ask for a pre-approval of this amount and know the maximum limit of the value at which you can buy the property, according to your possibilities.
  2. Spread Value: depending on the bank, you can find spreads from 0.85%. This rate varies according to the customer’s credit risk, the ratio between the loan value and the value of the property and also the cost of financing. This is often seen as one of the main factors in finding the best home loan.
  3. Entry Value: must have, in equity, an entry amount, which corresponds to a minimum of 10% of the value of the property you intend to acquire.
  4. Loan Term: here the effort rate plays a determining role. If you have the financial capacity for a monthly installment of a higher value, you can reduce the credit term and thus also reduce the weight of interest in the final amount.
  5. Fees: You can choose a fixed interest rate (during the entire loan period), variable (according to the market) or a mixed interest rate.

Doctor Finance helps you find the best Mortgage Loan for you

THE The combination of these elements allows reaching the best home loan solution for your specific case. But Comparisons are not always easy to make. To make it easier, Doutor Finanças, as a credit intermediary, gathers all the information provided by you, handles negotiations with banks and presents you with pre-approvals with actual conditions you can go ahead with.

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