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How to choose places for sockets at home

When planning the house, it is natural to be in doubt about the number of sockets in each room. People are also not sure which places install electrical power points so as not to get into trouble in the future.

The installation of sockets must respect the layout. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE location of electrical points inside the property is usually thought of before the end of masonry and finishing services. To get the sockets right, the owner needs to keep in mind the arrangement of furniture, electronics and appliances.

What this article covers:

The locations of outlets in each room

Bedroom: Each headboard must have at least two outlets. They served to turn on a lamp, clock radio, cell phone charger, among other items. If the environment will have a TV, it is also essential to place a power point near the place where it will be positioned.

Living room: the environment requires sockets in the place where the TV and other electronic devices, such as DVD and home theater, will be installed. It’s also interesting to include some electrical points near the couch or side table.

Dining room: an outlet on top of the sideboard is sufficient for the room.

Bathroom: must have at least one outlet in the bathroom to use a hairdryer, flat iron, and other electronics.

Good planning of outlets reduces the use of adapters. (Photo: Disclosure)

Kitchen: sockets must be installed considering the location of the refrigerator, stove, microwave, among other appliances.

Desk: the greater the number of extra shots, the better.

External area: an outlet next to the barbecue is interesting.

Tips for installing outlets correctly

• Only with the layout of each room in hand is it possible to determine the amount of necessary plugs🇧🇷

• The location of outlets must recognize the day-to-day needs of residents.

• If there is a special use plugit is recommended to have a single electrical circuit for it.

• Some appliances require special sockets to work, such as microwaves, electric ovens and duplex refrigerators.

• A good shot planning reduces the use of adapters.

• In the bedroom, the only equipment that may require a large power outlet is the air conditioner.

It is recommended to install one outlet for every eight square meters. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The property owner should talk to the electrician and explain his electrical point needs. It is also important that the mason knows the electrical project.

• NBR 5410 recommends installing a socket every eight square meters.

• The kitchen and service area need more outlets than other rooms.

• A number of sockets should always be slightly greater than the calculated minimum.

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