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How to choose paint for the facade of the house

The facade stands out as the presentation of a residence. It needs to be beautiful, conserved, safe and value the preferences of residents.

Different factors need to be taken into account when choosing facade paint. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are different types of residential facades, which are distinguished mainly with regard to architecture. The front of the house can present a more modern look or preserve old features. Characteristics such as colors, landscaping and building materials are also essential when it comes to the design of a facade.

What this article covers:

The facade painting

Some people interested in renovate the facade of the house, decide to bet on a new painting. However, the products used in the finish need to be well chosen, otherwise the property will be vulnerable to external agents, such as rain, sun and wind.

If the resident wants his house to stand out on the street, then he must paint the facade with a vibrant and strong color🇧🇷 However, before making a radical change, it is important to talk to an architect and research the main trends in the sector.

The color of the facade must value the architectural style. (Photo: Disclosure)

Before paint the facade it is also important to know the main types of paints and the differences between them.

Paints suitable for the facade of the house

When choosing a type of paint to paint the facade, it’s important to consider more than just the color that best matches the architectural style. The person responsible for the work needs to look for the product that fulfills the function of protecting the structure, ensuring resistance and durability🇧🇷

The residential façade is an external area that continuously suffers from exposure. In this way, the paint chosen to paint the surface needs to withstand the most varied climatic conditions, such as humidity, pollution and salinity. If the product is not of good quality, the façade takes on an aged appearance in a short time.

At best value inks to paint the facades are acrylic and mineral. When applied correctly, they ensure good coverage and durability.

Acrylic and mineral paint are the best. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE acrylic latex paint it is advantageous because it has low toxicity, does not pollute the environment, can be used on mortar, unglazed ceramics, plaster, among many other surfaces. The finish has little smell, guarantees fast drying and a huge variety of colors. It is important to be careful not to apply acrylic paint over the wet outer wallotherwise the paint result could be compromised with bubbles.

O use of mineral paint it also has its advantages, after all, the product is free of toxicity, can be used on smooth and textured surfaces, can be applied on wet walls and has a useful life of 10 years. THE mineral paint drying it usually takes longer and the color chart is limited.

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