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How to choose electrical line for work

THE home construction or renovation often causes many doubts, especially when it comes to the electrical system. It is important that residents know about the need for a good project so that the functionality of the residence is not impaired.

The house needs a strong and durable electrical installation. (Photo: Disclosure)

assemble a electrical installation of quality for the property is a way of not having problems in the future. Check out 5 tips for not making mistakes when renovating your home.

What this article covers:

Electrical materials for the work

O electric material what needs to be bought is not just wires and cables. In fact, the consumer must acquire other essential items for the installations, such as conduits (conduits), distribution boards and light boxes. Only with these products will the electrical part of the house have durability and resistance.

At power lines are also essential to the work. These structures are formed by electrical conductors and conduits. In all, there are 45 types of lines indicated in the ABNT standard.

The lines used in electric power grid vary with respect to voltage, and may be low, medium or high. To perform a good job, it is important to know the Technical Normalization.

What is the color of each electrical line for?

Each electrical thread color has a function. (Photo: Disclosure)

When thinking about electrical installations, it is important to keep the function of each line in the work🇧🇷 Check out:

Yellow lines: ideal for low voltage electrical installations. They can be used in residential, commercial or industrial works, as long as they are executed in masonry with mortar.

Gray lines: are suitable for apparent low voltage installations.

Black color lines: are indicated for low voltage and embedded in concrete slabs. Requires mechanical reinforcement in concreting.

Orange color line: They serve for low voltage electrical installation, can be embedded in concrete slabs and require mechanical effort.

Anyone who does not want to hire a professional to carry out electrical installations should take the Senai building installer course.

What is essential to know:

A well-crafted electrical network ensures the safety of the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

– In case of doubts or difficulties, the property owner must hire an electrician to install the electrical equipment properly;

– Choice electrical products from the best brands not to have quality problems and enjoy a long-lasting electrical network;

– The installation must not leave the wires exposed;

– A proper installation of the electrical system it is critical to safely distributing power to all rooms and appliances.

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