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How to choose a shower: tips

Daily bathing is a habit related not only to the need for hygiene, but also to moments of pleasure. Taking a hot shower, at the end of the day, purifies the body and soul, renewing our energy. However, at the time of choose the shower, a lot of people get lost, not knowing for sure what would be the ideal model for their needs. The device must have a satisfactory flow of water and must be relatively economical. These are basic premises for a shower. However, there are many other specifications to note. See some.

Showers have vertical water drop (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Shower or shower?

Simple features let you know the differences between shower and shower, at the time of purchase. The shower offers a vertical waterfall, that is, the person is under it, receiving all the water. The shower has a different jet. The most common is diagonal and these devices are usually on the wall. But this can vary, depending on the model. Still on the subject of showers, they are much appreciated for having stronger jets but, as a result, they use more water and less energy. Showers, on the other hand, have less intense jets, but consume more electricity. That’s why they also get hotter than showers.

Showers may not be vertical and have stronger jets (Photo: Disclosure)

The water pressure in the shower is less compared to showers. But if the person wants this type of device, he also has the option of buying it in the already pressurized model or purchasing a pressurizer, separately, which can be installed with the shower. The showers have higher pressure. However, when buying the device, it is also necessary to consider the distance between the water tank and it. The further the shower is from the reservoir, the more pressure your jet will have. It is important to observe this, before making the purchase, as this is one of the reasons why people buy showers, but end up being disappointed with their jet power, considering that the device is “no good”. That is why, on the packaging itself, the MCA (meters of water column) of the product is already included, which indicates the ideal distance for its proper functioning.

other tips

You can also buy pressurized showers (Photo: Disclosure)

When choosing shower or shower, it is necessary to check its voltage, which must be in accordance with the electrical network of the house (110 or 220 volts). It is also important to check the wiring that will connect the device to the network. Generally, those measuring 6 millimeters are ideal for supporting more powerful showers (which heat up more).

With these simple tips, it is already possible to know better how choose your shower or shower, considering your needs; however, remember: for a more conscious attitude, it is always good not to forget about life while taking a shower.

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