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How to choose a bathtub model: tips

Having a spacious bathtub full of technology at home is the dream of many people. After a hard day’s work, for moments of relaxation alone or with company, there’s nothing better than sinking into a container full of water, especially if it’s spacious and has a whirlpool. Today, many people do not dispense with investing in this type of pleasure. You can install a bathtub while you are building the house, or you can order installation services, in a ready-made environment (in this case, with a little headache). Look tips from how to choose the bathtub model🇧🇷

Rectangular bathtubs continue to be the most sought after (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

rectangular bathtubs

They are still the most appreciated and, therefore, the ones that offer the most options in models. THE rectangular bathtub offers the ease of fitting into certain spaces, without compromising people’s comfort. It is also useful because it fits the body well. However, you need to check whether your size will really match your expectations. For use by two, for example, it may be uncomfortable. In this case, the tip is to choose the model with two seats, as long as it fits in the place, as it will then be square and larger.

Corner baths are good options for small spaces (Photo: Disclosure)

corner bathtub

It can also be called triangular bathtub🇧🇷 This model is great for installations in small spaces. Fits in small corners, although it needs an area for its size to match people’s needs. In general, your space can be a little reduced, although there are quite large models.

round bathtub

most of round bathtubs it is less spacious but deeper. They are comfortable, but take up a lot of space and, if the space is small, this might not be a good option. In this case, check the possibility of installing triangular or rectangular bathtubs.

Round bathtubs can have greater depth (Photo: Disclosure)

At the time to choose bathtub models, it is also important to pay attention to the type of material used in its manufacture. The brighter the finish, the better it will be for cleaning, although care is needed for conservation. Fiber tubs are often cheaper than acrylic tubs. Also check the height of the bathtub after installation. Think, calmly, because a model that has a lot of depth could become something dangerous, since it will be necessary to attach a ladder or another form of access to it. Check if there is the possibility of installing it in a recessed way, making your family’s life safer.

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