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How to check the progress of the INSS benefit?

Citizens who need to apply for the INSS benefit in Social Security and want to know the status of their application in progress, can do so directly from their home. This is because currently the insured person can carry out this process online through the Meu INSS website or app.

Meu INSS has existed since 2018 and was created precisely to help thousands of people apply for their benefit without the need to go to a physical branch of the INSS. INSS?? In addition, citizens can simply and quickly check on a daily basis whether their benefit has been granted or not.

What this article covers:

What are the benefits provided by the INSS?

Social Security grants benefits to citizens who have made direct or indirect contributions to the INSS during their working life. Therefore, if the taxpayer fulfills the requirements requested by the social security, he has the right to receive it. And among the benefits of the INSS we can highlight:

  • sick pay
  • Retirement
  • Maternity leave
  • family allowance
  • Seclusion aid
  • Pension

Remembering that these are just a few.

How do I apply for a benefit through the INSS?

In order to apply for the INSS benefit, the taxpayer must meet the specific conditions of his/her application. And despite the difference in requirements and documents required for each of the benefits, the application for entry must be made in the same way by all taxpayers.

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Therefore, just access the Meu INSS website and make your first registration with CPF and create a personal password that is secure. The next step will be to inform the necessary data for your application. That’s why it’s important to have your identification document with photo, CPF, in addition to other documents for your type of application.

After providing your data, you will need to wait for the institute’s response. And if you have questions about any steps, call 135 which is the phone number for the INSS call center.

How to monitor the progress of the INSS benefit?

After making the request, it is possible to follow the progress of the INSS benefit online, through the Meu INSS application or website. To do so, access this platform and log in to the system with your CPF and registered password. After following this step, you will see a menu with several options, so click on the option that says “My Benefits”.

You will then be taken to a page with all the benefits you requested from the INSS. And it is on this screen that it will be possible to monitor how the order you want to consult is going. In this way, to obtain more details, just click on the requested benefit and you will see the number and type of benefit, as well as the condition in which it is found.

The answers to your benefit request found in My INSS can be: enabled (when the request is still being analyzed), granted (when the request was approved and will be granted) or rejected (when the request was denied).

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