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How to Check License Plate Online

See how you can Consult License Plate Online. When negotiating a used vehicle, it is important to consult the license plate to be aware of the entire history of the new car or motorcycle you are purchasing. This brings more security when closing the deal, as you will be able to know everything the vehicle has been through, so this will validate your purchase and prevent you from falling into a hole. Even if the seller seems to be trustworthy, you should always go in search of this appointment to really know the entire history of the vehicle.

There are several ways to check the license plate online, some free and some paid options. Depending on what you are looking for, it may be advisable to invest in a paid consultation that is more complete, but there are also free consultations that offer a lot of information.

Today, see all the options to check your license plate online. Check out!

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What is the purpose of Consult License Plate Online

The license plate consultation, like the license plate of a car, is very important when you are purchasing a new, semi-new or used vehicle. With a quick online search, you can check the vehicle’s entire life history, from its manufacture to the present moment. In this way, you can find out about evidence of a claim, robberies and thefts, if you went through auctions, the KM history, possible restrictions such as LIABILITY restrictions and much more.

This consultation is very important, especially for those who are not buying a new vehicle and want to be sure of what they are buying and also be more secure. There are several ways to carry out the consultation, with paid and free options that cater to different audiences.

Consult License Plate

The internet is full of sites that allow you to make a basic and free consultation of the license plate of the vehicle. You can search directly through Google and access the available sites or go directly to the Olho no Carro portal, which is one of the most suitable for this type of query.

Although most consultations are paid, they provide the test drive which consists of a more basic and free consultation that can be done. For this consultation, you only need to access the website through the link https://www.olhonocarro.com.br/?? In the part of “I want to take the free test drive!” and inform your e-mail and the license plate you want, then go to “Consult Free”. Before that, it is still possible to check the free consultation model and also the complete consultation, which is paid.

Complete paid vehicle consultation

The Olho no Carro portal also offers other types of consultations for those interested, which are very complete, but which are paid. However, the values ​​are not absurd and it’s worth it if it’s something you’ll only do a few times in your life. The complete consultation of the vehicle, for example, to check the entire history, can be purchased for R$39.90.

Before you buy, you can check all the details, a model of the complete query to know exactly what information you will have access to. This query can be obtained through the same Olho no Carro website, just select the one you want, register and then carry out the query.

The portal also offers auction consultations for R$19.90. Consultation on vehicle registration data can be carried out for R$9.90, while the simple consultation of Gravame costs R$10.90. It is important that you read all the details about the consultations, as the values ​​are for each consultation performed, so you need to make sure that it is worth paying.

Check your license plate online

The Brazilian government also provides up to 5 license plate consultations for each citizen. The interest of this query is to validate the license plate data, in addition to informing data about the vehicle manufacturer and also the stamper.

This service is offered to all individuals who have a registration on the DENATRAN portal. If you don’t have the registration, it can be done quickly. To carry out the consultation, you must have your CPF in hand. Log in to the DENATRAN services portal and go to the “Consultation” option found on the left corner of the page. Right after that, go to the “Car Plate” option.

Enter the license plate number of the vehicle and the QR Code. When clicking to continue, all the information and data of the plate will be shown.

Application to query license plate online

There are also applications that make it possible to consult the license plate online, in a few minutes and with little information. SINESP Cidadão, for example, is a very easy-to-use application that only asks for the license plate. With this information, the application informs you of the city/state where the vehicle is registered and also informs you if it is a stolen vehicle or not.


ATTENTION: If you consult a vehicle and find that it was stolen, you must do nothing, just call the police. It is not just an application for this purpose, allowing you to also search for missing persons and find out who are wanted in your region. In addition, you can search for arrest warrants, just enter the name.

And you don’t have to be afraid to use it, as it is an application from the National Secretariat of Public Security in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security of Brazil. It is a free application that every citizen can access, without even having to register.

Now that you are already aware of the various ways to check the license plate of a vehicle, there are no more reasons for you to be deceived when changing your car or purchasing a used vehicle. Carry out the consultations you deem necessary to be sure about the origin of the vehicle and pay the right and fair price for its year and what it offers.

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