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How to change unemployment insurance bank details

Changing unemployment insurance bank details is a reality for you, a worker who has a formal contract, but who for some reason was fired. Know that every worker in this situation can receive the amounts promised with unemployment insurance in their own bank accounts.

Many already had or have this access through the usual receipt options, such as through Caixa Econômica Federal. This means therefore remains available. But today, the holder of the right to unemployment insurance can decide where he wants to receive the amount.

Therefore, our article today aims to help the respective reader who wants to change the bank details of the unemployment insurance, to know when and what criteria is necessary for that, as well as other doubts.

Just so that the reader is aware of the subject, the so-called unemployment insurance is a temporary benefit paid to the worker dismissed without just cause.

The purpose of this right is to help the beneficiary’s financial life, in such a way that he can only support himself while he is out of the labor market.

Thus, what will be paid will be three to five installments, and the amount varies according to the time dedicated to work.

What this article covers:

When to change unemployment insurance bank details?

First, there is no secret. It is basically necessary for the worker to change the unemployment insurance bank details when he decides it is time to apply for his benefit.

With this, it may still be necessary to check your information with the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor. This is because errors or discrepancies may appear and you realize that you did not receive the amount in your account automatically.

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In any case, the ideal is always to contact the Special Secretariat and provide the correct information for changes to the unemployment insurance bank details and receive it in the account.

Through the “Alô Trabalho” center (dial 158) you can check if there are any other unusual differences.

Who is unemployment insurance for?

For whom unemployment insurance serves, or who is entitled to change unemployment insurance bank details are mentioned below:

  • was fired without just cause;
  • received wages from contractors (physical or legal), or be registered with the CEI;
  • does not receive amounts from the Continued Benefit (except in cases of death pension or accident allowance);
  • has no income of his own to support his family.

In short, after verifying the bank details of the unemployment insurance, it is at your disposal to make the request by your cell phone ー that is, in the Digital Work Card app.

Otherwise, when accessing the Gov.br portal or looking for the nearest face-to-face service.

How to change unemployment insurance bank details?

To receive the amounts according to the unemployment insurance bank details, at the time of the request you will change whatever is necessary related to:

  • account type (savings or checking account);
  • which bank (provide name and number);;
  • agency with the digit;
  • account number..

Perhaps the biggest criterion you should know is that the account to receive the benefit can only be in your name, or respective beneficiary, right?

What are the unemployment insurance bank account criteria?

To be clear, the criteria regarding the account of those who are entitled and have already changed their unemployment insurance bank details are:

  • Have the account to receive in the same title;
  • Do not register or change bank details from the unemployment insurance to the salary account;
  • Joint account is not allowed.

You worker, fired without just cause, can now correctly apply for your unemployment insurance with this direct and effective information.

Be sure to visit the official portals of the Federal government to then proceed with your process regarding unemployment insurance bank details.

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