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How to change tax address and when to do it

Moving house involves a thousand and one bureaucracies, and updating the tax address it’s just one more. However, this process is mandatory by law and may bring inconvenience to those who do not.

Regardless of the reasons that make it necessary to update the tax address, you always have 60 days from the event that triggers the process to correct the data. If, from this date, you keep your old tax address, you become in an irregular (and illegal) situation.

Tax address: essential taxpayer guide

What is the tax address?

The tax address, or tax domicile, is the taxpayer’s usual place of residence. If you have moved or rented a new house, then you must report the change of tax address to the Tax Authorities within a maximum period of 60 days (Article 19 of the General Tax Law).

Each citizen can only have one tax address. It is registered in official documents, such as the Citizen Card, and must always be kept up to date.

Apparently not, the tax address tells the State many things about you. First, tell him where you live. Then, say who you live with (that is, with whom you share the same tax address).

In addition, it helps to inform the State about the type of housing you have, whether it is owned or rented. All these factors will influence, for example, the taxes you pay or even the tax benefits you may eventually be entitled to.

Where to check the tax address?

The easiest way to check your tax address is at Finance Portal or on the ePortugal Portal. You must enter the personal area and confirm the information that is there. In both cases, however, you will have to authenticate yourself.

An alternative is to go to the Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN) and ask them to confirm the same information.

How can I change my tax address online?

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If you are comfortable with computers and the internet, the easiest thing to do is make the change. online.

Change the address through the Citizen Portal

go to Portal ePortugalchoose the area “services” and then look for the option “Change the address on the citizen card”, clicking on “change now”.

You will need to authenticate yourself with the Citizen Card (you need your own card reader) or with the Digital Mobile Key (you received it by letter when you applied for the Citizen Card) before entering the new tax address and submitting.

After submitting the data, you receive a letter at home with two codes: one is the change process code, the other is the PIN of the new address you entered. You must return to the ePortugal Portal and complete the address registration by entering these two codes into the system.

Bear in mind, however, that the ePortugal Portal is only for those who have a Citizen Card. If you still have an old (yellow) Identity Card, you have to do the same process, but on the Finance Portal.

Change the address through the Finance Portal

This option is only available to taxpayers who still have an Identity Card. If you have a Citizen Card, you can only change your tax address online through the ePortugal Portal, following the process described above.

To change the tax address on the Finance Portal, you must take the following steps:

Request change of address

  1. Enter the Finance Portal;
  2. Click on “Finance – Access Tax Services”;
  3. In the left side menu, choose the option “Services”;
  4. Look for the “Tax Status – Data” area and select “Deliver Amendment Request”;
  5. Insert your NIF and your password to access the Finance Portal;
  6. Enter the new address and click on “Submit”.

After placing the order, wait for a letter from the Tax Authority to be sent with the confirmation code for the change. It must arrive, at the new tax address you indicated, within five working days.

Confirm new address

  1. Access the Finance Portal;
  2. Click on “Finance – Access Tax Services”;
  3. In the left side menu, choose the option “Services”;
  4. Look for the “Tax Status – Data” area and select “Confirm Address”;
  5. Insert your NIF and your password to access the Finance Portal;
  6. Enter the confirmation code you received in the mail.

How to change the tax address at a branch?

If you are not very comfortable with the digital process, you can always go to an IRN service desk, a Citizen’s Store or one of the Citizen Spaces, with your Citizen Card and respective PIN code, and ask to do change of address.

Once again, you have to wait a few days until you receive a letter at the new address and, when you receive it, you must go back to the IRN to deliver the codes contained therein.

Important note: either update the fiscal address in the IRN, or online, keep in mind that the new tax address only becomes legally effective when you confirm (at the IRN desk or on digital platforms) the codes sent to you by post. Until then, the process is pending and the legally valid address is the old one.

How much does it cost to change the tax address?

Changing the tax address is not paid, that is, it is completely free. However, if you choose to change your tax address in person, that is, if you go to the IRN counter to take care of everything, you will have to pay the commission referring to the availability of the person who attended you. Most likely you will end up paying about three euros to have the process completed.

What happens if I don’t change the tax address?

First of all, know that the police can find out if your tax address is up to date: the State systems are already all connected, and therefore the police can access your tax address quite easily. Without an updated tax address, you lose the right, for example, to exemption from IMI (in the first years after buying your first home).

It will also be difficult to enroll a child in a public school (because preference is always given to those who live close to the school), and it becomes impossible to convince the Tax Authority to issue proof of address (necessary, for example, to contract a supply water, electricity and gas or to apply for a housing loan).

In addition to all the difficulties that arise, there is also the issue of fines. Keeping your tax address up to date is your obligation as a citizen, and therefore non-compliance is penalized. Depending on the cases, the fine can range from 75 to 375 euros.

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