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How to change shower element

Some problems at home exhaust the residents’ patience, as is the case the shower that stops heating the water🇧🇷 The device normally does not fulfill its function of providing a hot and pleasant bath for two reasons: electrical network with some irregularity or burnt resistance.

If the shower element burns out, it needs to be replaced. (Photo: Disclosure)

If the shower problem If it’s related to resistance, it’s easy to fix. Residents do not even need to hire specialized labor to replace shower partas it can accomplish this task with just a few guidelines.

Resistance is a fundamental part of the shower operation🇧🇷 When the device is turned on, the electric current begins to run through this metallic piece, which heats up the electrons. In contact with the super heated resistance, the cold water that passes through the shower becomes hot.

What this article covers:

Learn how to change the shower resistance

Check out the following step by step to change shower resistance🇧🇷

1. Check if the shower resistance is really burned out. To do this, let the water fall for a few seconds, close, turn off the breaker and turn the shower back on. If the water does not heat up, the device really has burnt resistance.

two. get one new resistancealways following the shower manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Turn off the electricity before running the service.

4. Unscrew the spreader (part responsible for the water outlet), remove the hot runner cover and the hose.

It is important to be careful not to be shocked during the repair. (Photo: Disclosure)

5. Before remove old resistancenote the position.

6. With the help of pliers, remove the burnt resistance and fit the new one.

7. Fit, including, the ends of the resistance in the connectors and then in the channel.

8. After the resistance is in place, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, assemble the other parts of the shower (hot runner, spreader and hose).

Change the resistance respecting the manufacturer’s guidelines. (Photo: Disclosure)

9. Before turning on the circuit breakers, it is necessary to open the shower and let the water run for 30 seconds.

10. Turn off the shower and turn the house’s power back on.

11. Drop the water and check the heating.


• Before change resistancealways leave the shower on cold.

• Take the opportunity to clean the shower spreader, using an old toothbrush and running water.

• When removing and installing the shower, it is important to wear shoes with rubber soles to avoid shocks.

• Be careful with the ground wire fitting.

• Do it shower seal to prevent water leakage.

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