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How to change CPF registration data over the internet?

Changing CPF registration data can be done directly over the internet, without bureaucracy, by completing a registration form on the Federal Revenue website. Thus, you avoid that your CPF is suspended or with the absence of some data.

The registration data change service is indicated for people who have changed their name due to marriage or divorce, and transgender people who wish to change their social names.

To learn more about how to change your CPF registration data directly over the internet, continue reading this post to learn more details on how to change and update.

What this article covers:

How to verify CPF registration data at the Federal Revenue?

To verify the registration data, you must first verify the CPF situation, and for that, you will need to consult the IRS website with the CPF number you want to consult, in addition to the date of birth.

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When filling in this data, click on the box “I am not a robot” and wait for the analysis to be carried out. The system will issue a receipt that informs the registration status of the CPF.

The situations that may appear on the receipt are as follows:

  • Regular, which means that there are no pending issues with the Federal Revenue;
  • Pending regularization, which means that some declaration has not been delivered, such as income tax, which requires the
  • regularization of the situation;
  • Suspended, means that there may be incomplete or wrong information in the taxpayer’s registration;
  • Canceled, in case of death, due to administrative or judicial decisions;
  • Null, which is related to fraud in the taxpayer’s registration.

These are the possible situations that a CPF can present, and if any of them indicate an error, it is necessary to regularize the condition as soon as possible.

Change of CPF registration data over the internet

To update CPF registration data, you must access the Federal Revenue website, click on the “CPF” option and then go to the “Change CPF registration” option.

Then, find the option “where to request the change” and fill in the requested registration with your data, including date of birth, voter registration and your mother’s name.

Change of CPF registration data over the internet

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In the field that indicates “document”, you must put a document that can confirm where you are from, what are your parents’ names and your date of birth. Among the options in which this information will be found are your RG, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate and others.

To answer the address, just enter your zip code and the field will soon be completed with the state, district and municipality. Fill in additional information such as street name, number and complement.

Finally, you must send the registration and inform the letters that appear on your screen, and end with “Ok”. Soon after, a message confirming the change of your data will appear.

It is worth remembering that this same registration can be carried out at Caixa, Correios and Banco do Brasil branches, however, the service is paid and the fee is R$ 7.00.

How long does it take for CPF registration data to update at the Federal Revenue Service?

The time to update registration data takes an average of 1 business day to be updated in the Federal Revenue system. It is indicated after this period that a new survey of the registration situation be carried out, to verify if your CPF continues with the previous restrictions.

Updating the registration directly over the internet is faster and super practical, in order to optimize the taxpayer’s time.

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