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How to change CNAE MEI for free and what is it for?

MEI stands for Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI). A business modality whose purpose is to regulate autonomous services or for people who want to set up a business, but have no experience in the area.

One of the characteristics of the MEI is having a turnover of up to 81 thousand, hiring an employee under the CLT regime and not having partners. Not to mention that you need to declare your economic activity, the main and the secondary ones, also known by the acronym CNAE.

But if I made a mistake, can I change it? Read this article and we will explain a little about the main activity of the company, in addition to knowing if it can change.

What this article covers:

What is CNAE MEI?

We need to explain about the CNAE MEI, which is the acronym for the National Classification of Economic Activities of the Individual Microentrepreneur. It is a measure that has a code to classify the economic activities destined for this type of business.

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The CNAE presents a seven-digit code, in which they will define the taxes and fees that each MEI must pay. Therefore, it is important for the entrepreneur to recognize what his main activity is.

What is the purpose of the CNAE MEI?

In addition to classifying the main economic activities, the CNAE MEI serves as a way of regulating the self-employed services of people who wish to leave informality.

In addition, it is a way to organize classes that can qualify as MEI and also pay the right taxes to the right area. For example, a lawyer cannot be an individual micro-entrepreneur, but he can open a MEI to set up a video publishing company.

A blog owner, for example, can place himself as a content producer for the internet within the CNAE to regularize his profession.

So, the clearer you say what you do in the CNAEthe easier it will get into regularity.

How to change CNAE MEI free and fast?

To change the CNAE, you first need to change it in the Entrepreneur Portal and go to the section “Já sou MEI”, then to “Cadastral Update” and finally to the option “Request”.

In this part you will fill in all your personal details and change your main business or your secondary options. On this same page you can also change the trade name.

Reread to see if the changes are correct and hit the confirm button. Finally, you will receive a new Individual Microentrepreneur certificate and click to save in PDF or print.

Remember that any change in MEI made through the Entrepreneur Portal is free.

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